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Attacking Currency Trends: How to Anticipate and Trade Big Moves in the Forex Market



"Greg has put together a comprehensive road map for traders, constructing a sound,logical trading methodology from start to finish. This book succeeds in getting the reader to think and act like a professional currency trader. Trading is a serious business and requires serious planning—and that's exactly what you'll get with Attacking Currency Trends."—Ed Ponsi, Author of Forex Patterns and Probabilities

"Although Greg admits having a true risk phobia, it's evident he possesses the skills not only to capitalize in the currency market, but to transmit his original and yet simple trading approach. A myriad of illustrated examples and clues throughout the text support his educational forte. A market profile explanation right at the start of a forex book is indeed an excellent conceptual backbone readers will appreciate."—Francesc Riverola, CEO and Founder,

"Attacking Currency Trends provides a simple and logical approach to trading forex that will help any trader make better decisions about when and how to trade. Greg's rules for trading forex trends will be especially helpful to traders looking for a disciplined approachto this massive market. Armed with this information, rookie and veteran traders alike will have the confidence needed to profit from opportunities found on —and off—their charts."—Tim Bourquin,

"Greg Michalowski's Attacking Currency Trends not only provides in-depth coverage of how to anticipate and attack trends in the battle to successfully trade currencies, Greg also empowers traders to be proactive and protect themselves by having a trading game plan with guidelines. This is a must-read for retail traders new to FX and those looking to develop further as successful market players."—Julie Sinha, broadcaster, ForexTV

"I love the down-to-earth simplicity of this book. Attacking Currency Trends puts the truth of effective trading into a format that is executable and understandable. This book will instantly become a must-have reference work for the retail trader."—Scott Cisco, co-founder and President,

"Greg has pulled from his vast experience in currency markets and crafted a book that will lead the retail trader from understanding to successful action. He provides a rich set of tools here and clearly organizes and communicates them. Very nicely done."—Dr. Phil Pearlman, Executive Editor, StockTwits

Greg Michalowski is the chief currency and trading analyst for FXDD. Prior to joining FXDD, he was an assistant vice president and trader in the treasury / funding area with Citibank in New York, a vice president and interest rate derivatives trader at Citibank in London, and a vice president and trader in the banks funding department at Credit Suisse First Boston. Michalowski maintains a daily market commentary and currency analysis website at market comments are quoted in the financial pressby, Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal,and he has written for various print and online trading publications, including eForex, Equities magazine,,, and twitter site,, was one of thirteen cited by SmartMoney magazine as a "go to" source for making money moves.



Part I: The Foundation for Success.

Chapter 1: Stereotyping the Retail Forex Trader.

They Think Trading Forex Is Easy.

They Have Too Much Fear.

They Lose Money.

They Are Too Fundamental (Not Technical Enough).

They Don't Know Enough about Key Fundamental Requirements.

They Fail to Anticipate Trends.

Don't Be Like the Rest...Change!

Chapter 2: The Six Attributes of a Successful Trader.

What Are You Good at Doing?

There Will Always be Peaks and Valleys.

#1: Skill or Aptitude.

#2: Practice, Practice, Practice.

#3: Know Your Risk.

#4: Create and Execute a Plan.

#5: Control Your Fear.

#6: Be Greedy Enough.

A Foundation for Success.

Chapter 3: The Mission Statement.

A Team of One.

A Two-Part Mission Statement.

Finding Trades that Satisfy Your Mission Statement.

The Importance of Staying on Trend.

Chapter 4: What's Your Game Plan?

Every Mission Statement Needs a Game Plan.

Trade the Trends.

Keep Fear to a Minimum.

Never Underestimate a Strong Foundation.

Chapter 5: Rules for Attacking the Trend.

Rule #1: Keep It Simple (but Stay Positive).

Rule #2: Have a Reason to Place a Trade.

Rule #3: Be Picky About Your Tools.

Rule #4: The “If…Should” Rule.

Rule #5: Look Ahead, but Not Too Far Ahead.

Rules Rule.

Chapter 6: The Trader’s Toolbox.

Rules for the Tools.

How to Use Fundamental Analysis.

The One Thing We Can Agree On: Price.

The Tools.

If I Had a Hammer.

Part II: Tools and Strategies.

Chapter 7: Moving Averages.

What is a Moving Average?

How to Use Moving Averages.

Time Frames for Analysis.

Anticipating a Trend.

Managing a Trend.

Managing Profits.

Trade Set-ups.

The Push that Gets the Market Going.

Chapter 8: Trendlines and Remembered Lines.

Bullish Trendlines.

Bearish Trendlines.

Channels: Highways to Ride the Trend.

Flags and Pennants.

Finding the “Golden Ticket”.

Remembered Lines.

Simple but Effective.

Chapter 9: Fibonacci Retracements: The Hybrid Tool.

Introduction to Fibonacci.

Placing Retracements on a Chart.

Using Fibonacci Retracements.

Trading Shorter Term Corrections.

Using the Tools to Your Best Advantage.

Chapter 10: Preparing for the Trade.

First Things First.

Analyzing the Charts.

A Composite View of the Clues.

“Is it a Boy or a Girl, Doc?”.

Chapter 11: Executing the Plan.

The Kickoff: The Entry Trade.

Managing the Trade.

Finding Clues in the Consolidation Phase.

A Borderline: Always a Low Risk, Unambiguous Level.

Another Trend Re-entry.

The Key Role of Borderlines in Hourly and Daily Charts.

Attack the Currency Trend.

About the Author.