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Corporate Governance and Accountability, 4th Edition


Corporate Governance and Accountability, 4e provides readers with an up-to-date summary of the most recent developments in corporate governance.  Presenting a full discussion of corporate governance issues, the book adopts a holistic approach, taking the broadest view of the corporate governance agenda, including both theory and practice. The new edition is comprehensively updated and incorporates new codes of practice, policy documents and academic research.

Jill Solomon currently is Professor of Accounting and Financial Management at Henley Business School, University of Reading.

Preface ix

Acknowledgements xiii

Part I Frameworks and mechanisms 1

1 Defining Corporate Governance 3

2 The Impact of Corporate Governance Weaknesses and Failure 27

3 Corporate Governance Reform in the UK 47

4 The Role of Boards in Corporate Governance 77

5 The Role of Institutional Investors in Corporate Governance 113

6 The Role of Transparency, Internal Control and Risk Management in Corporate Governance 151

Part II Global corporate governance 191

7 An Introduction to Corporate Governance Systems Worldwide 193

8 A Reference Dictionary of Corporate Governance Systems 215

Part III Holistic governance 255

9 Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Accountability 257

10 Responsible Investment 309

11 Future Directions for Corporate Governance and Accountability 351

Endnotes 359

References 363

Index 393