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Economics and the Environment, 7th Edition


Climate change and other critical environmental challenges are reshaping economic policy and practice. In the 7th edition of Economics and the Environment, Dr. Eban Goodstein and new co-author, Dr. Stephen Polasky, provide students with a clear, concise, and comprehensive presentation of environmental and resource economics.

The text also offers a compelling look at broader topics including the ethical foundations of environmental economics, the promotion of ‘‘clean technology”, and the challenges of sustainable development. With a unique framework and compelling narrative style, Goodstein & Polasky provide a timely synthesis of the economic tools available for understanding and solving environmental problems that are crucial for today’s students to consider for tomorrow’s world.


Chapter 1: Four Economic Questions about Global Warming

Chapter 2: Ethics and Economics

Chapter 3: Pollution and Resource Degradation as Externalities

Chapter 4: The Efficiency Standard

Chapter 5: Measuring the Benefits of Environmental Protection

Chapter 6: Measuring the Costs of Environmental Protection

Chapter 7: The Safety Standard

Chapter 8: The Sustainability Standard

Chapter 9: Measuring Sustainability

Chapter 10: Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services

Chapter 11: Is More Really Better? Consumption and Welfare

Chapter 12: The Political Economy of Environmental Regulation

Chapter 13: An Overview of Environmental Legislation

Chapter 14: The Regulatory Record: Achievements and Obstacles

Chapter 15: Incentive-Based Regulation: Theory

Chapter 16: Incentive Based Regulation: Practice

Chapter 17: Promoting Clean Technology: Theory

Chapter 18: Energy and the Future

Chapter 19: Poverty, Population, and the Environment

Chapter 20: Environmental Policy in Poor Countries

Chapter 21: The Economics of Global Agreements