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Essentials of Venture Capital


Your express lane to understanding the increasingly complex and evolving business of venture capital

The venture capital industry continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. Essentials of Venture Capital gets you up to speed by providing vital insight into the incentives that drive evolution at venture capital firms.

Essentials of Venture Capital cuts to the chase to follow each step of the venture capital business, examines challenges that have emerged in the past decade, and includes numerous real-world examples to illustrate why some firms adapt . . . and why others fail.

From raising funds and investing in start-ups to reaping the rewards, Essentials of Venture Capital covers the gamut of this rapidly changing industry so you can always be one step ahead of the game.

Inside, you'll find:

  • An overview of the basics of venture capital and the major changes and challenges the industry has faced in the past decade

  • Tips for building a career as a venture investor and understanding how firms are organized

  • Venture capital fundraising strategies that work even in challenging macroeconomic environments

  • The basics of deal-making, legal terms, and investor protections

  • Three major methods for connecting with entrepreneurs and making good investments

  • Ways to cash in on a venture investment by taking a company public or finding a buyer for it

  • Techniques for recognizing and investing during the Boom-Bubble-Bust cycle

  • Strategies for establishing a global investment practice and a survey of venture initiatives in new markets abroad

Essentials of Venture Capital is your passport to the rapidly evolving business of investing in inventive entrepreneurs and ideas of the future.

Alexander Haislip specializes in venture capital and technology investment analysis. He is a columnist for and has been a senior writer at Thomson Reuters's Venture Capital Journal and Private Equity Hub for the past four years. He holds an economics degree and a finance certificate from Princeton University and a master's degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Mr. Haislip has won awards from the New York Financial Writers Association, the National Press Foundation, and the Western Publishing Association. The London-based Management Consultancies Association recognized him as one of the "Best Young Management Writers."
In addition to researching and writing, Mr. Haislip also conducts conferences and moderates panels of experts on topics such as venture capital, cleantech, energy, buyouts, fundraising, and private equity. You can find more information about Mr. Haislip at his Web site,


Chapter 1: Industry Overview.

What is Venture Capital?

How Venture Capital Works.

Performance Expectations.

Venture Capital in Crisis.



Chapter 2: Careers and Organization.

Launching a Career.

Nurturing Your Career as a Venture Capitalist.

Firm Structure and Organization.

Planning for the Future.



Chapter 3: Fundraising.

Fundraising is a Venture Capitalist's Number One Priority.

What Limited Partners Want.

Working with Limited Partners.

Why Invest in Funds That Lose Money?

First Time Funds.

Bigger Funds.

The Future of Fundraising.



Chapter 4: Investing Basics.

What Makes a Good Deal?

Macroeconomics of Investing.

Investment Process.

Stock Classifications.

Typical Preferred Stock Clauses.

Stock During Different Stages of Development.





Chapter 5: Finding Investments.

Gathering Opportunities.

Hunting for Investments.

Growing Your Own Investments.

Alternative Methods.

Missed Opportunities.



Chapter 6: Getting the Money Back.

Gains from Investment.

Going Public.

Getting Acquired.

The IPO Crisis.

Solving the IPO Problem.

Are Fewer IPOs a Bad Thing?

New Strategies and Adaptations for Liquidity.



Chapter 7: Booms, Bubbles & Busts.

Riding the Waves.

Boom Beginnings.





Chapter 8: Going Global.

Strategies for Foreign Investing.

Venture Capital Outside the United States.






Rest of the World.