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Executive's Guide to Web Services (SOA, Service-Oriented Architecture)


Praise for Executive's Guide To Web Services

"Finally, a very readable book about how Web services operate in the real world. This is a must-read primer for all C level executives who want to understand how Web services are fundamentally changing how enterprises integrate, collaborate, innovate, and dominate."
–Peter Dupre, Chief Technical Strategist, Edgewater Technology, Inc.

"Following along the brilliant analytical path that he blazed with the release of his first book on IT, Business Darwinism: Evolve or Dissolve, Marks, with coauthor Mark Werrell, continues to observe, digest, analyze, and clearly explain the latest trends in IT innovation. The Executive's Guide to Web Services is a must-read companion for any IT manager, technology innovator, or corporate executive committed to successfully navigating through the maze of technology change. With this book, Marks and Werrell deliver a timely and valuable analysis of an important IT innovation at the ideal moment–just as the necessary confluence of technology, standards, and industry acceptance is starting to make the Web services vision a reality."
–Barry Zellen, CEO and Founder,

"Marks and Werrell have captured the true essence of Web services in their provocative new book Executive's Guide to Web Services. Their overarching emphasis on business issues over technology issues makes Executive's Guide essential reading for any business executive looking for new sources of competitive advantage."
–David R. Brousell, Editor-in-Chief, Managing Automation Magazine

ERIC A. MARKS is an independent consultant and author. Previously, he was Vice President of Market Development with StreamServe Americas. Formerly, he was a client advisor with Cambridge Technology Partners, and before that he was managing director with BrightRoad, a division of Ontos Inc. He is the author of Business Darwinism: Evolve or Dissolve: Adaptive Strategies for the Information Age (Wiley).

MARK J. WERRELL is a business consultant based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has served as a senior executive with various technology companies, most recently spending eight years with Cambridge Technology Partners. Prior to joining Cambridge, he held management positions with Cap Gemini and Oracle Corporation in the United Kingdom.


CHAPTER 1: A Day in the Life of a CIO.

A Brief Recap: The Past 10 Years.

Business Value from Web Services.

Web Services Adoption Model.


CHAPTER 2: Standards, Concepts, and Terminology.

Real-Life Web Services.

Web Services Defined.

Adoption of Standards.

Standards Framework.

Web Services Stack.

Standards Governance and Interoperability.



CHAPTER 3: Web Services Adoption.

Adoption Model.

Phase One: Integration.

Phase Two: Collaboration.

Phase Three: Innovation.

Phase Four: Domination.

Obstacles to Adoption.



CHAPTER 4: Strategic Implications of Web Services.

A Business Perspective.

Value Chain Analysis.



CHAPTER 5: Vertical Market Implications of Web Services.

Vertical Market Adoption and Deployment.

Manufacturing Verticals.

Financial Services Verticals.

Additional Business Scenarios.



CHAPTER 6: Where to Begin?

Reality versus Hype.

Three Steps to Successful Web Services.

Where-to-Begin Checklist.



CHAPTER 7: Architecting for Competitive Advantage.

Evolution of Computer Systems.

The Enterprise Architecture.

The Service-Oriented Architecture.

The Future of Enterprise Architectures.

Platform Implementation Considerations.



CHAPTER 8: The Web Services Vendor Landscape.

Vendor Categories.



CHAPTER 9: The End Is Only the Beginning.

Epilogue (One Year Later).