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Personal Finance After 50 For Dummies, 2nd Edition


Learn to:

  • Understand how changes in government programs can impact your retirement
  • Consider the implications of tax laws
  • Navigate your saving and investment options

Manage your finances in your golden years—and enjoy your retirement

The right financial decisions could make or break your future plans, so why leave them to chance? Inside, Eric Tyson and Bob Carlson give you the targeted information you need to make informed decisions regarding your investments, spending, and how to best protect your wealth.

  • Here's to your future! — invest in and protect your health, identify retirement investments and strategies, and grasp retirement accounts and their rules
  • Show me the money — manage budgets and expenses, guide your investments through retirement, tap into your home's equity, and consider your long-term care insurance needs
  • Get down with government — make your best choices under Social Security, get the most out of Medicare, and discover the ins and outs of Medicaid
  • Start your estate plan — grasp the basics on estate planning, wills and other legal documents, and tackle the federal estate tax and the many types of trusts
  • Open the book and find:

    • Why saving and planning sooner and smarter pays off
    • How to assess your life insurance needs
    • Advice on when to retire
    • How to manage an investment portfolio
    • Pointers for guiding investments and distributions in retirement
    • Tips for making important housing decisions
    • What you need to know about working in retirement
    • Ten common retirement and estate planning mistakes

    Eric Tyson is a nationally recognized personal finance counselor, writer, and lecturer. He is the author of the bestselling Personal Finance For Dummies. Bob Carlson is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Fairfax Country Employees' Retirement System.

    Introduction 1

    Part I: Working toward Retirement 7

    Chapter 1: Looking Ahead to Your Future 9

    Chapter 2: Protecting Your Employment Income and Your Health 21

    Chapter 3: Developing a Retirement Plan 41

    Chapter 4: Identifying Retirement Investments and Strategies 61

    Chapter 5: Grasping Retirement Accounts and Their Rules 87

    Part II: Making Money Decisions in Retirement 105

    Chapter 6: Managing Budgets and Expenses 107

    Chapter 7: Guiding Investments and Distributions in Retirement 129

    Chapter 8: Making Important Housing Decisions 147

    Chapter 9: Considering Your Long‐Term Care Insurance Needs and Options 159

    Part III: Dealing with Government Programs 193

    Chapter 10: Making Your Best Choices under Social Security 195

    Chapter 11: Getting the Most Out of Medicare 235

    Chapter 12: The State Health Care System Backup: Medicaid 275

    Part IV: Estate Planning: It’s More than Just Dead People and Lawyers 303

    Chapter 13: The Basics on Estate Planning 305

    Chapter 14: Eyeing Wills and Other Legal Documents 331

    Chapter 15: Tackling the Federal Estate Tax When You Have Too Much Money 357

    Chapter 16: Focusing on Estate Taxes and the Many Types of Trusts 387

    Part V: The Part of Tens 401

    Chapter 17: Ten Common Retirement and Estate Planning Mistakes 403

    Chapter 18: Ten Things to Know about Working in Retirement 415

    Chapter 19: Ten (or So) Tips to Know about Caring for Your Aging Parents 423

    Index 429