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Precious Metals Investing For Dummies


Features proven trading plans and strategies

The fun and easy way to purchase and trade metal to strengthen your portfolio

Want to join the lucrative precious metals market? This straightforward guide gives you sound advice on trading as well as owning these profitable investments — from gold, silver, and platinum to uranium, zinc, and copper. You'll research their performance and choose your trading approach. Plus, you'll see how to find a broker, buy stocks and futures that involve metals, and minimize your risk.

Discover how to:

  • Evaluate the different metals

  • Add metals to your portfolio

  • Weigh the benefits and risks

  • Buy physical metals

  • Use technical analysis

  • Use precious metals for long-term investing

Paul Mladjenovic is the owner of Prosperity Network and www.Super He is also the author of Stock Investing For Dummies, 2nd Edition.

Part I: Breaking Down Precious Metals.

Chapter 1: A Compelling History.

Chapter 2: Diversifying with Metals.

Chapter 3: The Beauty and Benefits of Metals.

Chapter 4: Recognizing the Risks.

Part II: Mining the Landscape of Metals.

Chapter 5: Gold: All That Glitters.

Chapter 6: Discovering the Secret of Silver.

Chapter 7: Platinum and Palladium.

Chapter 8: Uranium.

Chapter 9: Base Metals.

Part III: Investing Vehicles.

Chapter 10: Buying Metals Direct.

Chapter 11: Purchasing Numismatic Coins.

Chapter 12: Mining Stocks.

Chapter 13: Investing in Mutual Funds and ETFs.

Chapter 14: Exploring Futures.

Chapter 15: Options.

Part IV: Investment Strategies.

Chapter 16: Choosing a Trading Approach.

Chapter 17: Finding and Using a Broker.

Chapter 18: Using Technical Analysis.

Chapter 19: Following Politics and Markets.

Chapter 20: Dealing with Taxes.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten (Nearly) Reminders about Mining Stocks.

Chapter 22: Ten Rules for Metals Investors.

Chapter 23: Ten Rules for Metals Traders.

Chapter 24: Ten Ways to Limit Risk.