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Rocket Science for Traders: Digital Signal Processing Applications


A Revolutionary Way to Trade

"John Ehlers, 'master of cycles, 'delivers more than just the definitive work on cycle analysis and adaptive techniques; he raises financial mathematics to a higher level. The book solves the problem of identifying sideways and trending markets, and teaches how to minimize lag. For nonmathematicians, Ehlers provides clear chapter summaries and fully programmed systems that make this book a prize."-Perry J. Kaufman, President of Strategic Market Systems, Author of Trading Systems and Methods

"John Ehlers combines innovative insights into price behavior with a powerful, concrete approach to trading. The result is a unique blend of high theory and hands-on, practical trading systems and methods."-Nelson Freeburg, Editor of Formula Research

"John Ehlers has made more original, analytically sound contributions to the study of technical analysis than anyone except Art Merrill. This volume caps years of development and makes available to traders successful techniques they would have little chance of creating on their own. I recommend it to all advanced traders without hesitation." -John Sweeney, Editor of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine

"John Ehlers has been a regular standout in trading system rankings for many years. Now we know why! Rocket Science for Traders is a true tour de force!"-David Brown, retired CEO of Telescan

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JOHN F. EHLERS received his BSEE and MSEE from the University of Missouri and did his doctoral work at the George Washington University, majoring in fields and waves and minoring in information theory. A private trader since 1976, he is currently President of MESA Software ( and has written a previous book, MESA and Trading Market Cycles, as well as numerous articles for Futures and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazines. He has now expanded the scope of his contributions to technical analysis through the application of scientific digital signal processing techniques.
Introduction to the Science of Digital Signal Analysis.

Market Modes.

Moving Averages.

Momentum Functions.

Complex Variables.

Hilbert Transforms.

Measuring Cycle Periods.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio.

The Sinewave Indicator.

The Instantaneous Trendline.

Identifying Market Modes.

Designing a Profitable Trading System.

Transform Arithmetic.

Finite Impulse Response Filters.

Infinite Impulse Response Filters.

Removing Lag.

MAMA--The Mother of Adaptive Moving Averages.

Ehlers Filters.

Measuring Market Spectra.

Optimum Predictive Filters.

What You See Is What You Get.

Making Standard Indicators Adaptive.


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