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Successful Bank Asset/Liability Management: A Guide to the Future Beyond Gap


Two "virtuosos of risk management" show you how to close up the holes in your gap defenses—before the regulators call! Bankers Monthly dubbed them "virtuosos of risk management…[who have] raised A/L management to an art." And this hands-on approach to asset/liability management from Bitner and Goddard is exactly what you'd expect from such banking leaders. It's the first true action book in the field moving beyond simple gap analysis, theory, and fundamentals to show you how to apply the full range of today's sophisticated A/L management techniques—and comply with the latest banking regulations. You'll find…
  • Full discussions of interest rate exposures not measured by gap, but of vital interest to institutions and regulators alike: basis risk (the difference in the change of interest rates between instruments of identical maturities) and imbedded options (loan payoffs and early deposit withdrawals)
  • Helpful and informative insights from leading A/L management practitioners, consultants, and software developers
Whether you're involved with a commercial bank, savings and loan association, or credit union, you can't afford to ignore the gap in your institution's risk defenses any longer. Put the "virtuosos of risk management" to work today.

About the authors JOHN W. BITNER is a Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Eastern Bank. As cochair (with Robert A. Goddard) of Eastern's asset/liability committee, he has developed strategies and executed programs which have enhanced overall bank profitability. ROBERT A. GODDARD is a Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Eastern Bank. He is responsible (along with John W. Bitner) for many of the innovative and effective A/L management programs in place at Eastern.
Forming an Asset/Liability Committee.

Selecting and Implementing an Asset/Liability Model.

Developing an Asset/Liability Management Policy.

Identifying and Measuring the Risks.

Managing Interest Rate Risk.

Interest Rate Forecasting.

Conducting a Self-Analysis.

Asset/Liability Management in Action.

Words of Wisdom.