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Technical Trading Online


Praise for Technical Trading Online

"Roth and Trader X’s sure-handed advice and engaging wit enliven this welcome guide to online trading and technical analysis."
—Nelson Freeburg, Editor, Formula Research

"New traders will find the arduous task of learning the finer points of trading transformed into a delightful learning experience in Technical Trading Online. It accomplishes what precious few other investment-related titles have been able to do by both teaching and entertaining at the same time. Even old hands will enjoy the wry wit and dry humor."
—Edward D. Dobson, President, Traders Press, Inc.

"This book will contribute greatly to one’s knowledge of why markets move based on supply/demand concepts. Roth and Trader X present simple techniques for capturing these movements. It is obvious that Trader X is a seasoned trader. Highly recommended!"
—John Hill, Founder and Coeditor, Futures Truth, Author, The Ultimate Trading Guide

JEROLD ROTH helped make possible the completion of Trader X’s vision. He has worked extensively in the publishing industry and holds a BA in journalism from the University of Florida.

TRADER X is a battle-hardened veteran of twenty years of Wall Street acquisitions and mergers. He now holds a position of senior responsibility at one of the country’s most prestigious trading firms. Technical Trading Online is the result of his longtime desire to teach others the hard-earned, and sometimes costly, lessons he has learned. His nom de plume, Trader X, is the result of his distaste for publicity and desire for privacy.

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Setting Up Your Monitor.

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Online Information Sources.

Developing a System.

The Daily Plan.


Breaking the Rules.