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Templeton's Way with Money: Strategies and Philosophy of a Legendary Investor


Praise for Templeton's Way with Money: Strategies and Philosophy of a Legendary Investor

"What a simply great new contribution about a beyond great market phenomenon. Any investor, young amateur, or fifty-year professional will benefit to be sure. A lot of wisdom here for non-investors too."—Ken Fisher 27-year Forbes columnistNew York Times bestselling authorFounder and CEO, Fisher Investments

"John Templeton was an inspiration to me and the smartest investor I have ever met. His insights and example are as valid today as they ever were. This book explains brilliantly how and why he was able to put together his phenomenal track record, and what we can all learn from him."—Dr. Mark MobiusChairman, Templeton Emerging Markets Group

"Anyone calling themselves an investor should read this book. It is a treasure trove packed with a wonderful combination of Sir John's collected wisdom on the enduring power of the value-based contrarian approach and the authors' fresh insights into both Sir John's methods and their application in today's investment opportunity set."—James Montier Portfolio Manager, GMOAuthor, The Little Book of Behavioral Investing

Legendary fund manager Sir John Templeton is widely considered one of the world's foremost investors, known for his pioneering insights and phenomenal investment success over a professional career that spanned more than half a century. Exploring what made this formidable market wizard so profitable, Templeton's Way with Money shows why Templeton's methods remain as valid today as ever. Presenting proprietary and original research, this book shows how a seemingly simple investment philosophy can produce exceptional returns, making it a must-read for anyone working with investments.

JONATHAN DAVIS is the founder and chairman of Independent Investor, a specialist financial publishing venture, and a well-known columnist and investment writer. A former business and financial journalist on The Times of London, The Economist, and The Independent, he is a regular columnist for the Financial Times, author of three other books on investment, and a director of three investment companies.

Dr. ALASDAIR NAIRN has been managing global equity portfolios for twenty-five years. He is the founder and CEO of Edinburgh Partners, a specialist fund management firm based in Edinburgh, Scotland, which manages $14 billion in assets using Templeton's principles. Earlier in his career, he spent ten years working for Templeton Investment Management, latterly as Director of Global Equity Research, working closely with Templeton himself. His previous book, Engines That Move Markets, was a study of technology booms and busts in financial markets.

Introduction vii

Chapter 1 The Man and His Life 1

Chapter 2 Investment Counsel 29

Chapter 3 Fund Manager 65

Chapter 4 Philosophy in Action 101

Chapter 5 Why the Templeton Method Works 131

Chapter 6 Past, Present, and Future 161

Appendix John Templeton’s Advice to Investors 185

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