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The Complete, Technical Interview Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity


Most first round interviews from a technical perspective will cover the topics of financial statements and valuation.  In the least anyone interviewing for investment banking should know how the major financial statement are created and flow into one another and cover the core methods of valuation. This book is divided into four parts: 1) Financial Statements, 2) Valuation, 3) Mergers and Acquisitions, 4) Leveraged Buyouts. Each part provides an overview of the core concepts to better understand the knowledge for investment banking interviews.  After each overview, chapters will contain interview questions and answers in increasing difficulty.  These common questions and answers will prepare you to have the proper conceptual understanding of the core topics and enable you to handle a multitude of questions asked on said topic. Companion website contains chapter questions and answers and models to help aid in the knowledge of the material presented in the book.