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The Handbook of Financial Instruments


A key decision that investors face is how to allocate their funds among the wide spectrum of financial instruments available. To intelligently make that allocation decision, it is imperative that you understand the investment characteristics of the major asset classes and the markets in which they trade.

The Handbook of Financial Instruments is the first book to provide comprehensive coverage of such a wide variety of financial instruments. Written by experts in their respective fields, this book arms individual investors as well as institutional investors with the knowledge to choose and effectively use many of the financial instruments available in the market today.

Topics covered include:
* The properties of financial markets and the fundamentals of investing
* Common stock
* Fixed income products, including money market, Treasury, federal agency, corporate bonds, emerging market, mortgage-backed securities, and asset-backed securities
* Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds
* Investment-oriented life insurance products, including cash value life insurance and annuities
* Hedge funds and private equity funds
* Real estate investments
* Derivative instruments such as futures/forward contracts, options, futures options, swaps, caps, and floors

Pick up The Handbook of Financial Instruments and find out how you can use a variety of different asset classes to construct and manage a portfolio to achieve your investment objectives.

FRANK J. FABOZZI, PhD, CFA, is Editor of the Journal of Portfolio Management and an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Yale University's School of Management. Dr. Fabozzi is on the board of directors of the Guardian Life family of funds and the BlackRock complex of funds. He is an Advisory Analyst for Global Asset Management (GAM) with responsibilities as Consulting Director for portfolio construction, risk control, and evaluation. He earned a doctorate in economics from the City University of New York in 1972 and, in 1994, received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Fabozzi is a Fellow of the International

Contributing Authors.

Chapter 1. Overview of Financial Instruments (Frank J. Fabozzi).

Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Investing (Frank J. Fabozzi).

Chapter 3. Calculating Investment Returns (Bruce Feibel).

Chapter 4. Common Stock (Frank J. Fabozzi, et al.).

Chapter 5. Sources of Information for Investing in Common Stock (Pamela P. Peterson and Frank J. Fabozzi).

Chapter 6. Money Market Instruments (Frank J. Fabozzi, et al.).

Chapter 7. U.S. Treasury Securities (Frank J. Fabozzi and Michael J. Fleming).

Chapter 8. Inflation-Indexed Bonds (John B. Brynjolfsson).

Chapter 9. Federal Agency Securities (Frank J. Fabozzi and George P. Kegler).

Chapter 10. Municipal Securities (Frank J. Fabozzi).

Chapter 11. Corporate Bonds (Frank J. Fabozzi).

Chapter 12. Preferred Stock (Steven V. Mann and Frank J. Fabozzi).

Chapter 13. Emerging Markets Debt (Maria Mednikov Loucks, et al.).

Chapter 14. Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities (Frank J. Fabozzi and David Yuen).

Chapter 15. Nonagency MBS and Real Estate-Backed ABS (Frank J. Fabozzi and John Dunlevy).

Chapter 16. Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (Joseph F. DeMichele, et al.).

Chapter 17. Non-Real Estate Asset-Backed Securities (Frank J. Fabozzi and Thomas A. Zimmerman).

Chapter 18. Credit Card ABS (John N. McElravey).

Chapter 19. Leveraged Loans (Steven Miller).

Chapter 20. Collateralized Debt Obligations (Laurie S. Goodman and Frank J. Fabozzi).

Chapter 21. Investment Companies (Frank J. Jones and Frank J. Fabozzi).

Chapter 22. Exchange-Traded Funds and Their Competitors (Gary L. Gastineau).

Chapter 23. Stable-Value Pension Investments (John R. Caswell and Karl P. Tourville).

Chapter 24. Investment-Oriented Life Insurance (Frank J. Jones).

Chapter 25. Hedge Funds (Mark J. P. Anson).

Chapter 26. Private Equity (Mark J. P. Anson).

Chapter 27. Real Estate Investment (Susan Hudson-Wilson).

Chapter 28. Equity Derivatives (Bruce M. Collins and Frank J. Fabozzi).

Chapter 29. Interest Rate Derivatives (Frank J. Fabozzi and Steven V. Mann).

Chapter 30. Mortgage Swaps (David Yuen and Frank J. Fabozzi).

Chapter 31. Credit Derivatives (Moorad Choudhry).

Chapter 32. Managed Futures (Mark J. P. Anson).