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The Savage Truth on Money, 2nd Edition


SAVAGE TRUTHS for surviving and thriving in today's complex financial climate

The Savage Truth on Money is about you—your wealth, your financial game plan, your lifestyle goals, your need for money, and the best ways to build financial security—or rebuild it. Most importantly, it's about how to plan confidently for your future, no matter what your age or stage in life.

Terry Savage delivers street-smart advice at a critical time when people across America are searching for the right answers about what to do with their money. This Second Edition of her bestselling book provides insightful analysis of our nation's debt crisis to help you adjust your finances during these challenging economic times.

Whether you're trying to recover from debt or investment setbacks, dealing with student loans, debating investment choices, seeking to hedge your assets against inflation, or figuring out how you can ever retire, The Savage Truth is your guide to a more secure financial future.

Whether you're just starting out—or starting over—Terry Savage reminds us all that there are prosperous times ahead for those who manage their finances wisely.

Terry Savage is a nationally recognized financial authority, bestsellingauthor, and winner of the National Press Club Award for Outstanding Consumer Journalism. She writes a nationally syndicated column on personal finance for the Chicago Sun-Times, and writes for Terry is a frequent guest on CNN, CBS, and national radio and television programs. She was a founding member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and serves on the board of CME Group Inc. Terry Savage's previous books include: The New Savage Number: How Much Money Do You Really Need to Retire? The first edition of The Savage Truth on Money was the subject of an hour-long PBS television special.

1 The Savage Truth on Getting Rich.

Financial Security Demands Smart Choices. 

2 The Savage Truth on Money Management.

Knowledge Is Power.

3 The Savage Truth on Spending and Debt.

You Can Control Your Cash Flow. 

4 The Savage Truth on Chicken Money.

Nest Eggs Need Some Safety.

5 The Savage Truth on the Stock Market.

It's Less Risky Than You Think.

6 The Savage Truth on Investment Choices.

Balancing Made Easy.

7 The Savage Truth on Annuities.

Risks an Reqards. 

8 The Savage Truth on Life Insurance... and More.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late.

9 The Savage Truth on Protecting Your Assets.

Your Home, Your Auto, Your Wealth. 

10 The Savage Truth on Paying for College.

Make This Investment Carefully.

11 The Savage Truth on Women and Money.

We Live Longer, We Need More.

12 The Savage Truth on Investing for Retirement.

Start Now—It's Never Too Late.

13 The Savage Truth on Getting To—and Through—Retirement.

Time is On Your Side.

14 The Savage Truth on Long-Term Care Insurance.

Insure Your Retirement Lifestyle.

15 The Savage Truth on Wills and Estates.

It Pays to Plan While You Can.

Conclusion . . . and Beginning.