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What You Need to Know about Economics


George Buckley & Sumeet Desai: What You Need To Know About Economics

Economics Matters. But with confusing things like GDP and interest rates, it’s often hard to get you head around.

So What do you really need to know about economics? Find out:

  • What economic growth is and why it matters
  • How inflation happens
  • How jobs are created and lost
  • How the property market works
  • What central banks do and how it affects the rest of us
  • The impact of government spending on the economy

What You Need to Know About Economics cuts through the theory to help you to do your job and understand the world around you better.

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George Buckley is Chief UK Economist at Deutsche Bank, and highly-regarded commentator on economic developments.

Sumeet Desai is an economics journalist and commentator.

Introduction - What You Need to Know about Economics.

1- Growth.

2 - Inflation.

3 - Employment.

4 - Trade.

5 - Money.

6 - Central Banking.

7 - The Public Finances.

8 - Housing.