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Adjusting to Globalization


The globalization process is pervasive, bringing a range of pressures to bear on firms and workers. This volume presents a series of cutting-edge essays, investigating the ways in which firms and workers are adjusting to globalization. Written by leading researchers in the field, the essays address such issues as: outsourcing; the productivity effects of entry to export markets; job losses and wage insurance; and the protection of intellectual property. Together, they provide important insights into the microeconomic effects of globalization and highlight key issues for policy makers.

David Greenaway is Professor of Economics and Director of the Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy at the University of Nottingham. His previous books include Surveys in International Trade (Blackwell Publishing, 1994), The Economics of Intra-Industry Trade (Blackwell Publishing, 1996), Globalization and Labour Markets (2001) and Trade, Investment, Migration and Labour Market Adjustment (2002).
1. Trade-Related Job Loss and Wage Insurance: A Synthetic Review: Lori Kletzer (University of California, Santa Cruz).

2. Liberalisation and Compensation: Carl Davidson and Steve Matusz (Michigan State University).

3. Structural Change and the Labour Market Effects of Globalisation: Noel Gaston (Bond University) and Doug Nelson (Tulane University).

4. Aspects of International Fragmentation: Wilhelm Kohler (University of Linz).

5. Outsourcing, foreign ownership and productivity: Evidence from UK establishment level data: Sourafel Girma and Holger Gorg (GEP, University of Nottingham).

6. Two Dimensions of Convergence: National and International Wage Adjustment Effects of Cross-Border Outsourcing in Europe: Peter Egger and Michael Pfaffermayr (University of Innsbruck).

7. 'Export Experience' Under Borrowing Constraints: Saqib Jafarey (University of Liverpool) and Sajal Lahiri (Southern Illinois University).

8. Entry to Export Markets and Productivity: A Microeconometric Analysis of Matched Firms: Sourafel Girma, David Greenaway and Richard Kneller (GEP, University of Nottingham).

9. Outsourcing Under Imperfect Protection of Intellectual Property: Amy Jocelyn Glass (Texas A&M University).