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Charting Secrets: Trade Like a Machine and Finally Beat the Markets Using These Bulletproof Strategies, 2nd Edition


Are you tired of letting the markets hit you in the hip pocket? Does following complicated strategies just not cut it anymore? Do you want your trading business to run on autopilot?

Well, you need to trade like a machine! Only then will you finally beat the markets and achieve the trading success you deserve. More workbook than technical reference, this user-friendly updated edition of Louise Bedford's best-selling book Charting Secrets will show you how easy and intuitive trend-spotting can be.

Inside you'll find:

  • tonnes of sample charts to practise on
  • step-by-step solutions so you can gain confidence and skill
  • psychology secrets to revolutionise the way you think about money
  • bulletproof techniques so you'll never be stuck on the wrong side of a trend again.

Become a self-assured trader who is capable of spotting hidden pockets of money in the markets. Take control of your own destiny and let Louise be your trading mentor.

Louise Bedford has been trading for over 20 years and is one of Australia's best-selling authors on the sharemarket. Shortcut your way to success by following her methods. Louise's other books include Trading Secrets, 3rd Edition, The Secret of Candlestick Charting and The Secret of Writing Options.

Acknowledgements vii

My story ix

Let's get started … xv

1 Chart and be sexy 1
Without a sound foundation, advanced charting principles will slip through your fingers. Plus, it's a well-known fact that chartists are damn sexy. Doubt me? I suggest you focus now and you'll soon reap the rewards.

2 The line reveals all … Well, almost … 11
Sometimes the simplest tools are the best. Just a few well-placed lines on a chart can tell you around 80 per cent of what you need to know about trend. Get ready to learn this essential skill …

3 Volume counts 37
I'm about to reveal secrets that few traders realise and even fewer use on a consistent basis. Get this right and you're well on your way to achieving the results you deserve.

4 Moving averages rock! 57
If I had to choose just one indicator to analyse a chart, a moving average would be my absolute first choice. You're about to learn the secrets of the moving average so you can apply them and excel in the markets …

5 My momentous momentum mistake 71
WARNING: I have a love/hate relationship with momentum indicators. Love them or hate them, use them wisely and you'll establish whether a trend is likely to continue or slow down. Handy information to get your hands on …

6 Finally nail macro reversal patterns 91
There's no doubt -- I adore patterns. They give me an edge in the markets like no other. You're about to fall in love with them too …

7 Magic macro continuation patterns 137
Want to know if the pretty little trade you're profiting from is likely to continue bringing in money? These little macro continuation patterns will give you your answer. You can't afford to miss out on reading about them …

8 Candlesticks uncut 167
There's no doubt that candle charts can help you get rich and stay rich. They are single-handedly responsible for turning some sort of key in my brain that helped me to become profitable as a trader. Now it's time for them to work their magic on you too …

9 Putting it all together 221
You've been gathering the puzzle pieces. Now you're ready to strut your stuff and complete the picture. This chapter will be very revealing for you. It will give you confidence and allow you to realise just how far you've come already …

10 System development secrets 255
There's more to trading than just diagnosing the trend. It's time you looked at your entire trading system and filled in some of the blanks so you can trade like a machine.

11 The short and the long of it 265
Markets have a habit of reversing trend and fouling up your plans of attaining a neat and easy profit. To last in this game, you need to make money when the market is going down as well as up. Keep reading as all will be revealed …

12 More psychology secrets 279
Sophisticated traders value their own psychology just as much they do their trading system. Underestimate the importance of your emotions and you'll shoot yourself in the foot.

Appendix A -- Candlestick basics 287

Appendix B -- Back-testing 309

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