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Collection Management Handbook: The Art of Getting Paid, 3rd Edition


Praise for Collection Management Handbook

"I continue to marvel at how Collection Management Handbook: The Art of Getting Paid is still the single most valuable book in my library. Not only does this book answer every collections question possible, it is my constant source of inspiration. When I feel I need to be motivated, I only have to scan through this book. I highly recommend it, even to the most seasoned accounts receivables associates."
–Jackie Crews, MMNS A/R Manager
Medical Manager R&D

"BRAVO! Mr. Coleman has touched upon all the important topics in an easy-to-read manual to effectively generate cash flow from dormant collection accounts. This book is an important read. I highly recommend this valuable asset to any aspiring bill collector and collection department personnel."
–Russell Sessler, President
Morgan & Curtis Associates, Inc.

"Throughout this book, Coleman offers creative solutions for today's toughest collection problems. This is a must-read for anyone with past due receivables."
–Erica Nash, Credit & Collections Manager
Forbo Linoleum, Inc.

A. MICHAEL COLEMAN is a paralegal and accomplished bill collector. He has authored countless articles and the bestselling book The Art of Getting Paid.


Chapter 1. A New Collection Science Is Born.

Chapter 2. Oratory and Advanced Communication Skills.

Chapter 3. Selling Psychology Applied to Collections.

Chapter 4. Advanced Collection Techniques.

Chapter 5. Small-Balance Collection.

Chapter 6. Suing in Small Claims Court.

Chapter 7. Making Your Debtors an Offer They Can't Refuse.

Chapter 8. Skip Tracing and Asset Searches.

Chapter 9. Legal Recovery.

Chapter 10. Enforcement of Money Judgments and Investigatory Skills.

Chapter 11. Case Studies.

Chapter 12. Conclusion.

Appendix: Accounts Receivable Proficiency Exam.