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Commodity Strategies: High-Profit Techniques for Investors and Traders


Praise for Commodity Strategies

"I have read many books on Point & Figure charting, but this is the first in its category—on the application of the time-tested methodology of Point & Figure charting, in particular, the concept of 'relative strength,' to pick outperforming commodities as well as to achieve diversification of non-correlated assets. If you are looking for a profitable and comprehensive methodology to making money from the commodity and currency markets and ETFs, look no further—you have found it. This book has it all."
—Fred Tam, MPhil, CFTe, MSTA, lecturer in technical analysis at

University Malaya and Open University Malaysia

"Tom Dorsey is a market wizard who continues to stimulate the investor's mind. Commodity Strategies is powerful from start to finish with charts and many interesting insights. It's a clear guide for anyone looking to expand their investment horizon."
—Joseph Barrato, EVP of Investment Strategies, Arrow Funds

"This book and Dorsey's commodity strategies provide a much-needed, disciplined, and risk-managed framework for when and how to incorporate commodities into a portfolio. His investment methodologies along with the evolution of ETFs into alternative asset classes like commodities and currencies are a match made in heaven."
—H. Bruce Bond, President and CEO, PowerShares Capital Management

Thomas J. Dorsey is President of Dorsey Wright & Associates, a registered investment advisory firm that specializes in research and structured products around the Point & Figure method of technical analysis. Formerly a senior vice president and director of options strategies with Wheat First Securities and a stockbroker with Merrill Lynch, Dorsey has become the world's foremost expert in Point & Figure charting. He has had appearances on mainstream financial media, including having been a regular guest on Fox News' Cavuto on Business, and received the Distinguished Speaker Award from the Wharton School of Finance Securities Industry Association. Mr. Dorsey is also the author of the Third Edition of Point and Figure Charting, which is published by Wiley.

Tammy F. DeRosier is a Vice President at Dorsey Wright & Associates. She is a daily contributor to the firm's "Daily Equity & Market Analysis Report," advises on ETF portfolios, develops training seminars in the Point & Figure methodology, and has appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg.

Paul L. Keeton is an analyst at Dorsey Wright & Associates. He is a daily contributor to the firm's "Daily Equity & Market Analysis Report" in addition to being a comanager of the firm's commodity account. Mr. Keeton also conducts training sessions and can be heard weekly on various financial radio shows.

Susan L. Morrison is a Vice President at Dorsey Wright & Associates. She runs the daily "DWA Equity Roster" and comanages the firm's commodity account. In addition, Ms. Morrison teaches training sessions in the Point & Figure methodology.

Joshua B. Parker is a partner in Gargoyle Asset Management LLC, an investment advisory firm that specializes in options evaluation and options-based trading strategies.


Chapter 1. Developing a Trading System.

Chapter 2. Patterns, Trends & Price Objectives.

Chapter 3. Using Spot Charts.

Chapter 4. Relative Strength with Commodities.

Chapter 5. Other Strategies & Tools.

Chapter 6. Putting It All Together.

Chapter 7. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) & Commodity Markets.

Chapter 8. Mutual Funds and the Evolution of the Commodity Markets.

Chapter 9. Final Thoughts.

Appendix A. Commodity Futures Reference Sheet.