Corporate Fraud: A Manager's Journey


An entertaining introduction to a serious issue

It's not a secret that corporate fraud and scandal are real threats to business today, from which no organization is immune. Fraud losses are devastating—but they are also highly avoidable.

The third book in the A Manager's Journey series, Corporate Fraud follows Bill Reynolds first to New York City and then to Florida where, along with his colleague Jack, he sets up an anti-fraud policy within their company and investigates allegations made by a whistleblower in their Orlando office—until the whistleblower disappears.

Unconventional in approach, yet extraordinarily useful, Corporate Fraud is sprinkled with practical examples and workable solutions that take you from zero understanding of organizational fraud to integration of corporate fraud risk management and sound internal controls into everyday work.

Through Bill's latest journey, you'll discover how to manage the risk of fraud across all parts of your business and meet the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley as well as public sector regulations. It's the definitive resource for managers, auditors, fraud examiners, CFOs, and workteams, with relevant information on preventing and detecting fraud within your organization.

K.H. Spencer Pickett is responsible for the internal auditing training program at the National School of Government in Berkshire, England, and is the author of twelve books on auditing and related topics.

Chapter 1. The Funeral.

Chapter 2. The Long Weekend.

Chapter 3. Snouter's in Town.

Chapter 4. Back to the Island.

Chapter 5. Plans into Action.

Chapter 6. Criminology at Bay.

Chapter 7. The First Seminar.

Chapter 8. Keeping Your Sox on.

Chapter 9. Trouble's Brewing.

Chapter 10. Getting Real.

Chapter 11. The Story Unravels.

Chapter 12. A Shot in the Arm.

Chapter 13. The Story Travels.

Chapter 14. A New Approach.

Chapter 15. The Long Night.

Chapter 16. A Meeting of Minds.

Chapter 17. The Sunshine State.

Chapter 18. Start at the Top.

Chapter 19. In and Around Portugal.

Chapter 20. Reporting Back.

Chapter 21. Back in Portugal.

Chapter 22. Making More Plans.

Chapter 23. The Heat is On.

Chapter 24. The Presentation.

Chapter 25. The Mystery Continues.

Chapter 26. The Audit Committee Hears More.

Chapter 27. Some Clarity at Last.

Chapter 28. Getting Deeper.

Chapter 29. Fraud Risk Awareness.

Chapter 30. Family Affairs.