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Credit Derivative Strategies: New Thinking on Managing Risk and Return


In the decade since the credit derivatives market started, financial professionals have become increasingly sophisticated. Most books on the subject have not kept pace. Credit Derivative Strategies closes the gap with state-of-the-art techniques for picking credit hedge funds, analyzing event risk, identifying relative value opportunities and managing CDOs.

The credit crisis has many people in the financial industry rethinking how to manage their credit risk and exposure. It is now more important than ever for participants in the financial markets -- whether they are trading or not -- to understand these credit products given their increasing impact.

The contributors to this book are practicing professionals who honed their craft at some of the industry's most successful companies including: Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse First Boston, Kenmar Global Investment Management, and Citigroup.

Rohan Douglas, editor of this volume, is the founder and CEO of Quantifi Inc. He has more than twenty years of experience in the global financial industry. Prior to founding Quantifi, he was the director of global credit derivatives research at Salomon Smith Barney.
During his ten years at Salomon, he also worked in interest rate derivatives, emerging markets, and global fixed income and was responsible for postgraduate recruiting for fixed income research in New York. Douglas is also an adjunct professor at Polytechnic University in New York and teaches in the financial engineering graduate program.
PART I: Investment Strategies.

1 Eight Relative Value Opportunities (Christoph Klein).

2 Distressed Debt Strategies (Steve Persky).

3 Four Synthetic CDO Trading Strategies (Andrea Petrelli, Jun Zhang, Santa Federico, and Vivek Kapoor).

4 Choosing Credit Hedge Funds (Richard Horwitz, Erin Roye, and Jesse Horwitz).

PART II: Risk Management Strategies.

5 Fundamentals of Risk Management (Santa Federico, Andrea Petrelli, Jun Zhang, and Vivek Kapoor).

6 Risk Management for Multistrategy Funds (Christoph Klein).

7 Fat-Tail Distribution of Default Risk (Alla Gill).

PART III: Pricing, Products, and Procedures.

8 Pricing Models (Rohan Douglas and Peter Rivera).

9 CDS Valuation (Santa Federico, Andrea Petrelli, Jun Zhang, and Vivek Kapoor).

10 CDO Valuation (Santa Federico, Andrea Petrelli, Jun Zhang, and Vivek Kapoor).

11 Credit Derivatives Products (Peter Rivera).


CFA Institute Professional Development Qualified Activity (7.5 hours).