Driving Your Company's Value: Strategic Benchmarking for Value


A Proven five-step process to maximizing shareholder value.

In Driving Your Company's Value: Strategic Benchmarking for Value, leading experts Michael Mard, Robert Dunne, Edi Osborne, and James Rigby, Jr., show senior executives how to maximize value by implementing the proven and highly effective five-step SBfV process.

Only when a business's strategy, systems, and people have been aligned can a business advance successfully. Driving Your Company's Value: Strategic Benchmarking for Value provides a practical and powerful way to ensure businesses get the full benefit from their investment in systems and people. In an easy-to-read format, CEOs, CFOs, general managers, and other senior managers will discover how to:

  • Improve strategic decision making
  • Provide greater management accountability
  • Require a more effective allocation of company resources
  • Improve capital management
  • Align performance measurement to critical success factors
  • Provide a common organizational language
  • Develop a corporate structure that understands how daily actions impact value
  • Provide the management team with a more effective and communicable strategic planning process

Robert R. Dunne, Master of Science in Management and Strategic Studies, is President of KnowledgeLeaders, Inc., a not-for-profit organization serving to advance the development and management of intellectual capital. He served 26 years in the U.S. Navy and completed his military career as a captain (O-6). As a graduate school professor he taught senior, civilian, and military executives, from around the world, how to formulate, align, resource, and execute strategy. Mr. Dunne has facilitated the development and implementation of hundreds of strategy-aligned campaigns that have documented millions in revenue increases and cost savings. He is an internationally recognized speaker on strategy execution.

Michael J. Mard, CPA/ABV, ASA, is a Managing Director of The Financial Valuation Group (FVG) in Tampa, Florida. He was founding president of The Financial Consulting Group, a national association of professional service firms dedicated to excellence in valuation, litigation, and financial consulting. Mr. Mard has been a full-time business appraiser and expert witness for over 19 years. He is author of Valuation for Financial Reporting: Intangible Assets, Goodwill, and Impairment Analysis, SFAS 141 and 142, contributing author of Financial Valuation: Applications and Models and coauthor of Financial Valuation Workbook, all published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Mr. Mard has coauthored over 20 courses and published over 60 articles. He has been a presenter, speaker, and instructor more than 70 times.

Edi Osborne, CSPM, CPBA, is CEO of Mentor Plus in Pleasanton, California. Ms. Osborne is coauthor and primary facilitator/trainer of The Profit Equation(SM) seminar and Performance Measurement PLUS Skills and Systems Workshop offered in cooperation with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Ms. Osborne is also coauthor of the Strategic Performance Management credential program. As a nationally recognized public speaker, she has spoken at many conferences sponsored by the AICPA, state societies, and international associations. She has been published in Accounting Today and the Journal of Accountancy. She has conducted client and team advisory boards and team/client training programs as well as strategic planning processes for over 100 accounting firms. In addition to facilitating business development roundtables for business owners throughout the state of California, Ms. Osborne developed the Group Mentoring program at San Jose State University’s Center to Develop Women Entrepreneurs.

James S. Rigby, Jr., CPA/ABV, ASA, is a Managing Director of The Financial Valuation Group (FVG) and current President of the Financial Consulting Group. Mr. Rigby has over 25 years of professional experience. He has provided consulting services related to strategic planning, international expansions, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property; and expert testimony related to valuations. Mr. Rigby has served on various business valuation/litigation committees of the AICPA, American Society of Appraisers (ASA), and other professional associations. He is the coauthor of multiple continuing education courses and articles published in a variety of professional journals.




Understanding Value.

Free Cash Flow.

The Five Dimensions of Value.

A Holistic Approach.

SBfV or EVA.

Return on Equity.

Economic Value Added.

The SBfV Process.

Step 1: Current State.

Qualitative Analysis of the Company’s Current State.

Analyzing the Industry.

Analyzing the Company.

Quantitative Analysis of the Company’s Current State.

Step 2: Desired Future State.

Future State.

Core Strategy.

Critical Success Factors.

Key Performance Indicators.


Step 3: Strategic Benchmarking Keys.

How Strategy Alignment Builds Value.

Grand Strategy, Strategy, or Tactics?

Translating Grand Strategy into Strategy Execution.

Grand Strategy Alignment Maps.

Alignment Thesis and Value Propositions.

Achieving Strategic Alignment.

A Strategy Alignment Model That Works—SBfV.

Step 4: Alignment Execution.

Alignment Execution.

Putting it Together.

Step 5: Benchmark and Monitor Return on Strategic Effectiveness.

Benchmark and Monitor Return on Strategy Execution.


Appendix: Websites of Interest.