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Economic Analysis in Healthcare, 2nd Edition


Economic Analysis in Health Care, Second Edition is intended as a core textbook for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of health economics. The authors provide comprehensive coverage of the field of economics in health care and the evaluation of health care technologies.

This new edition has been fully updated with up-to-date case studies from the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World.  It includes a new chapter on health care labour markets and contains new material integrated throughout the text on the economics of public health.

  • Adopts an international perspective towards topics in health economics
  • Creates a useful balance of theoretical treatment and practical application throughout the book
  • Focuses on both market-related and economic evaluation aspects of health economics.

Chapter 1. Introduction to Economic Analysis in Health Care

Chapter 2. The Demand for Health Care

Chapter 3. The Production and Costs of Health Care

Chapter 4. The Supply of Health Care

Chapter 5. Markets, Market Failure and the Role of Government in Health Care

Chapter 6. Health Insurance and Health Care Financing

Chapter 7. Equity in Health Care

Chapter 8. Health Care Labour Markets

Chapter 9. Welfarist and Non-Welfarist Foundations of Economic Evaluation

Chapter 10. Principles of Economic Evaluation in Health Care

Chapter 11. Measuring and Valuing Health Care Output

Chapter 12. Economic Evaluation Methods

Chapter 13. The Use of Economic Evaluation in Decision Making