Economic Policy 20


The Economic Policy series is the premier source of analysis of economic affairs. Published in association with the European Economic Association, it is written for all those with an informed interest in policy problems and accommodates a wide range of views. Edited in London and Paris, Economic Policy emphasises the possibilities for cross-country comparisons; the balance between conflict and co-operation in national policy formulation; and the constraints imposed on individual economies by their integration in the world economy. Economic Policy has attracted much press attention and has been at the forefront of policy debates.

1. Infrastructure and education as instruments of regional policy - evidence from Spain: A. de la Fuente and X. Vives.

2. Getting interventions right: how South Korea and Taiwan grew rich: D. Rodrik.

3. G7 fiscal restructuring in the 1990s: macroeconomic effects: L. Bartolini, A. Razin and S. Symansky.

4. The two faces of Janus: institutions, policy regimes and macroeconomic performance in Greece: G. Alogoskoufis.