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Economics to Econometrics


The original research papers collected in this volume continue the development of discrete choice analysis, of related structural models for analysis of choice behavior, and of the statistical theory used in inference on these models. Most papers in the volume are revised versions of ones presented at a 2005 conference in honor of Daniel L. McFadden, whose fundamental research made discrete choice analysis part of the fabric of modern economics.

Charles F. Manski is Professor of Economics at Northwestern University.

Whitney Newey is Professor of Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Charles F. Manski and Whitney Newey.

Nonparametic Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Conditional Moment Restriction Models.

Chunrong Ai.

Pairwise Difference Estimation with Nonparametric Control.

Andres Aradillas_Lopez, Bo E. Honore and James L. Powell.

The Pure Characteristics Demand Model.

Steven Berry and Ariel Pakes.

Improving Revealed Preference Bounds on Demand Responses.

Richard Blundell, Martin Browning and Ian Crawford.

Efficient Estimation of Semiparametric Models by Smoothed Maximum Likelihood.

Stephen R. Cosslett.

The Identification and Economic Content of Ordered Choice Models with Stochastic Cutoffs.

Flavio Cunha, James J. Heckman and Salvadore Navarro.

Using a Laplace Approximation to Estimate the Random Coefficients Logit Model by Non_linear Least Squares.

Matthew C. Harding and Jerry Hausman.

Asymptotic Normality of a Nonparametric Instrumental Variables Estimator.

Joel L. Horowitz.

Discrete Choice Models with Multiple Unobserved Choice Characteristics.

Guido Imbens and Susan Athey.

Exploring the Usefulness of a Non_Random Holdout Sample for Model Validation: Welfare Effects on Female Behavior.

Michael P. Keane and Kenneth I. Wolpin.

Coherency of Structural Models Containing a Dummy Endogenous Variable.

Arthur Lewbel.

Partial Identification of Counterfactual Choice Probabilities.

Charles F. Manski.

Nonparametric Survey Response Errors.

Rosa L. Matzkin.

Nonparametric Discrete/Continuous Choice Models.

Whitney Newey.

Estimation with Censored Regressors: Basic Issues.

Roberto Rigobon and Thomas M. Stoker.

Vehicle Choice Behavior and the Declining Market Share of U.S. Automakers.

Kenneth E. Train and Clifford Winston