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Entries and Exits: Visits to Sixteen Trading Rooms


Entries & Exits takes you behind closed doors, into the trading rooms of sixteen private traders. They live in different countries, trade different markets, and use different methods, but all share a dedication to trading. Your guide on this journey is Dr. Alexander Elder, a bestselling author, professional trader, and practicing psychiatrist.

Each visit begins with a description of each trader's background and methods. He or she walks you through a winning and a losing trade, showing his or her signals on the charts, and explaining the reasoning behind them. After studying the entry, you are invited to decide whether that trade is likely to make or lose money. After you turn the page and see the exit, you learn how that trade worked out. Dr. Elder then shows you his charts for every trade and explains his analysis and decisions. At the end of each interview, he discusses a key aspect of trading, relevant to the trades you have just studied.

Entries & Exits provides an up-close and personal look at how real traders select trades and make decisions. You'll benefit from their hard-earned insights into trading psychology, analytic techniques, money management, record-keeping, and other essential aspects of successful trading. The book delivers a variety of concepts and techniques that will help you become a better trader tomorrow than you are today.

Study Guide for Entries & Exits

Be sure to work through the companion volume to Entries & Exits before you risk a dollar in the markets. The Study Guide contains 101 questions and answers, including twenty-five case studies. Each of them challenges you to focus on some essential aspect of successful trading.

There are seven chapters in this Study Guide—Organization, Psychology, Markets, Trading Tactics, Money Management and Record-Keeping, Case Studies, and Traders Speak. Each covers a major area of trading and offers you a rating scale, allowing you to measure your competence level. Now you can discover and fill any gaps in your knowledge without risking any money.

The answers in the back of the book provide detailed explanations of the right and wrong answers to the multiple-choice questions. A large number of those questions and the case histories in this Study Guide were contributed by traders interviewed in Entries & Exits, linking both books into a single, powerful tool for developing trading skills.

Use Dr. Elder's Study Guide together with Entries & Exits to make the most of your time as you learn to take advantage of market opportunities.

DR. ALEXANDER ELDER is a professional trader, a teacher of traders, and a practicing psychiatrist. He is the founder of, an educational firm for traders worldwide. Dr. Elder is the author of two international bestsellers, Trading for a Living and Come Into My Trading Room (and their companion study guides), both published by Wiley. He is an avid traveler, as chronicled in his book Straying from the Flock: Travels in New Zealand (Wiley).

Chapter 1: Sherri Haskell A Logical Way of Looking at Things.

Chapter 2: Fred Schutzman My Computer Can Do the Trading for Me.

Chapter 3: Andrea Perolo Simple Charts, Clear and Uncluttered.

Chapter 4: Sohail Rabbani The Discipline of Loss Control.

Chapter 5: Ray Testa Jr. Developing a Consistent Approach.

Chapter 6: James (Mike) McMahon A Successful Engineer Has a Disadvantage.

Chapter 7: Gerald Appel Looking for Favorable Probabilities.

Chapter 8: Michael Brenke To Keep Repeating What I Did Right.

Chapter 9: Kerry Lovvorn A Squeeze Play.

Chapter 10: Dr. Diane Buffalin Dancing Like Fred Astaire, Only Going Backwards and in High Heels.

Chapter 11: David Weis Price-Volume Behavior Is Steeped in Reality.

Chapter 12: William Doane The Bigger the Foundation, the Taller the Building.

Chapter 13: Peter Tatarnikov We Analyze People Who Analyze Markets.

Chapter 14: Damir Makhmudov Technical Signals in the Fundamental Context.

Chapter 15: Pascal Willain Effective Volume.

Chapter 16: Martin Knapp Do It Right the Next Time Around.


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