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Futures, Options, and Swaps, 5th Edition


Written in an accessible, non-technical style, Futures, Options, and Swaps is the most comprehensive text on derivatives markets available. As the only book to utilize such a reader-friendly, instructive approach, students will find the material readily comprehensible without a professor’s guidance, thereby freeing instructors to cover only the vital topics, or to teach a more technical course.

This fifth edition has been extensively revised to address the most recent developments in this rapidly evolving field. New and updated information reflects current conditions in a variety of areas, including electronic trading platforms, globalization of markets, hedge funds, financial scandals involving derivatives, and government regulation. Also new to this edition are text boxes containing anecdotes or vignettes related to topics discussed more formally in the text, and product profiles to describe some of the more successful contracts around the world and to highlight innovative or unusual features of traded contracts. The treatment in this text emphasizes financial derivatives, but it does not neglect traditional commodity futures.

An accompanying website can be found online at, containing the OPTION! program that allows the user to compute virtually every option and swap value discussed in this book, as well as many of the relationships among different option prices. The website also includes more than 80 exercises designed to enhance the understanding of option pricing principles and applications.

Robert W. Kolb holds the Frank W. Considine Chair in Applied Ethics at Loyola University Chicago. He was formerly Assistant Dean for Business and Society (2003–2006) at the University of Colorado, and John S. and James L. Knight Professor of Finance at the University of Miami. He is author and co-author of numerous texts in finance, including Futures, Options, and Swaps, 5e (with James A. Overdahl, Blackwell, 2007) and Understanding Futures Markets, 6e (with James A. Overdahl, Blackwell, 2006).

James A. Overdahl is Chief Economist at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in Washington, D.C., and has held senior positions at the Risk Analysis Division at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and at the Securities and Exchange Commission. He has been an adjunct professor of finance at Georgetown University, the University of Maryland, George Washington University, and Johns Hopkins University.



1. Introduction.

2. Futures Markets.

3. Futures Prices.

4. Using Futures Markets.

5. Interest Rate Futures: An Introduction.

6. Interest Rate Futures: Refinements.

7. Security Futures Products: An Introduction.

8. Security Futures Products: Refinements.

9. Foreign Exchange Futures.

10. The Options Market.

11. Option Payoffs and Option Strategies.

12. Bounds on Option Prices.

13. European Option Pricing.

14. Option Sensitivities and Option Hedging.

15. American Option Pricing.

16. Options on Stock Indexes, Foreign Currency, and Futures.

17. The Options Approach to Corporate Securities.

18. Exotic Options.

19. Interest Rate Options.

20. The Swaps Market: An Introduction.

21. Swaps: Economic Analysis and Pricing.

22. Swaps: Applications.

Appendix A: A Summary of Accounting Rules for Derivatives Instruments.

Appendix B: The Cumulative Distribution Function for the Standard Normal Random Variable.