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Getting Started in Emerging Markets


Markets in geographic areas such as Africa, Latin America, and Asia are an integral part of the global business scene. They offer opportunities for rapid growth and diversification that should be part of every portfolio. But to the average investor, this potentially lucrative playing field is often unexplored territory. This book offers a clear road map to navigating emerging markets in terms every investor can understand. Getting Started in Emerging Markets explains what an emerging market is, why investors should invest in them, and what the risks are in particular markets.
* Offers a systematic, easy-to-follow process for successful investing in emerging markets
* Discusses investment strategies specific to emerging markets, including a complete overview of online investing and investment software
* Explains how to get extremely costly live stock data for reasonable monthly fees
* Includes a comprehensive list of emerging markets with information about each country's government, markets, GDP, inflation, unemployment, and index funds

Expand, diversify, and profit-with lessons you can bank on-from Getting Started in Emerging Markets.

CHRISTOPHER POILLON is a management consultant to international companies in Washington, DC. Formerly, he was the Strategic Assistant to the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank in Asia. He has taught business and psychology courses at various American universities and holds an MBA in international business strategy from the University of Hawaii. For emerging markets updates, contact the companion Web site at

Why You Should Invest in Emerging Markets.

The Players: The Emerging Market Index Funds.

A New Toy: Investment Software.

Basic Stock Analysis.

Investment Strategies and Other Important Stuff.

Online Brokers: Taking Control.