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Hedge Fund Due Diligence: Professional Tools to Investigate Hedge Fund Managers


Praise for Hedge Fund Due Diligence

"We have worked with Randy and his team at Backtrack as well as other background investigation firms for several years. In this book Randy provides some rare insight into the detail and complexity behind productive background investigations. Randy captures the passion, work ethic, and consistency required to properly investigate, monitor, and safeguard hedge fund investments as it relates to background investigations."
—Robert P. Swan, Chief Operating Officer, Lighthouse Investment Partners, LLC

"I can highly recommend this book for anyone considering investing in hedge funds or responsible for allocating to this asset class. Through his use of analysis and case studies, Randy Shain does a great job of debunking popular myths and explaining 'distinctions without a difference' in the area of background investigations. Overall, it is an illuminating book that clearly shows why it is so important to do proper due diligence."

—Charles Cassidy, Director, Business Risk Management, Cambridge Associates

"Randy Shain is a terrific investigator who always goes the extra mile, digging up key insights others would readily overlook. His book is a fabulous resource for investors who want to suss out hedge fund managers, but it goes beyond that. I'd recommend it to investigative journalists, Wall Street analysts, due diligence pros—basically anyone who wants to get the professional lowdown on anyone else."

—Marcia Vickers, Investigative Reporter and Contributing Editor, Fortune magazine

Randy Shain is Vice President at First Advantage Investigative Services, producers of the BackTrack Report, where he examines funds and fund management. Since 1993, Shain has examined more than 2,500 funds and 4,500 hedge fund managers. His due diligence work has expanded as the number and size of hedge funds has skyrocketed, with more than 9,000 funds, managing more than $1.2 trillion today. As part of his work, Shain examines court filings, criminal records, news clippings, and conducts extensive interviews.



Chapter 1. Hedge Fund Growth – What It Means To The Institution.

Chapter 2. What Is Due Diligence? What Are The Various Types Of Due Diligence?

Chapter 3. What Kinds Of Hedge Fund Failures Do The Press Discuss? Why Do Most Hedge Funds Really Fail?

Chapter 4. Can The Chances Of Investing In Future Failures Be Lessened/Prevented? How?

Chapter 5. Investigative Background Reports – The Beginning: Identify Your Target.

Chapter 6. The Courts.

Chapter 7. News Media. Is Nexis Your Only Option?

Chapter 8. Regulatory Bodies.

Chapter 9. Credentials Verifications.

Chapter 10. Corporate Records: Not Just D&B Anymore.

Chapter 11. The Internet: What It Can Do And What It Can't.

Chapter 12. Public Records – Is That All There Is?

Chapter 13. What You Think Is Helpful, But Isn't.

Chapter 14. The Law.

Chapter 15. Credit Reports.

Chapter 16. Warning Signs, Red And Yellow Flags.