Introduction to Corporate Finance, 2nd Edition


Introduction to Corporate Finance, Second Edition continues to be a landmark in Canadian corporate finance. Written from the ground up by internationally recognized researchers, Laurence Booth, University of Toronto and W. Sean Cleary, Queen's University, the text is built around a unique framework that recognizes that finance rests upon three distinct legs: economics, accounting, and law. The text enables instructors to provide their students with a solid foundation in the theory and application of corporate finance, but with extensive coverage of new areas of finance that are important to Canadians.

The state of the financial world and the global financial crisis has dominated world affairs, with everyone wanting to know: What happened? Why? Where do we go from here? Introduction to Corporate Finance, Second Edition addresses these questions with clear, easy-to-understand discussion and analysis suitable for introductory finance students. In addition, each chapter includes a new Lessons to be Learned feature that illustrates an important concept in that chapter, and how that basic tenet of finance was either ignored and thus fuelled the financial crisis, or was adhered to and helped to mitigate the effects of the crisis. This highlights and reinforces the concept to readers—the future leaders of our business community.