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Investing in Bonds For Dummies


Learn to:

  • Buy and sell bonds and bond funds
  • Measure the risk and returns that bonds offer
  • Diversify your investment portfolio by adding bonds
  • Avoid common investment mistakes

Need some plain-English investment advice? Here it is!

This book is packed with wise advice from an investment expert who explains how to strengthen your portfolio with the right bond funds, breaks down complex terms and helps you make smart decisions for your future.

  • Bond basics — find out what bonds are, how they work, and the major players
  • Just what you need — learn how your age, financial goals, and other key factors affect the role of bonds in your portfolio
  • Pick your way — discover how to pick a bond fund and what to watch for when choosing individual bonds
  • Risk and reward — understand the factors that can influence bond performance and how to maximize your return and minimize your risk
  • Do your homework — identify your financial goals, develop a realistic investment plan, and avoid mistakes

Open the book and find:

  • The importance of patience
  • What all those bond terms mean
  • Why bonds are important to a well-diversified portfolio
  • Details about bond interest
  • A review of bond types
  • How to balance risk and return
  • Answers to common bond questions

Russell Wild is a NAPFA certified financial advisor and principal of Global Portfolios, an investment advisory firm based in Allentown, PA that works with clients of both substantial and modest means. He has written two dozen books and numerous articles on financial matters.

Introduction 1

Part I: Bond Apetit! 7

Chapter 1: The Bond Fundamentals 9

Chapter 2: All about the Interest 29

Chapter 3: Types of Bonds 51

Part II: Bonds Away! The Bond Marketplace 79

Chapter 4: Investing (Carefully!) in Individual Bonds 81

Chapter 5: Picking a Bond Fund That Will Serve You for Life 95

Chapter 6: Fulfilling the Need for Steady, Ready, Heady Cash 123

Chapter 7: Finding Comfort and Security in Old Age 143

Part III: Customizing and Optimizing

Your Bond Portfolio 155

Chapter 8: Developing Your Investment Game Plan 157

Chapter 9: Risk, Return, and Realistic Expectations 169

Chapter 10: Balancing Your Portfolio and Choosing Bonds 185

Chapter 11: Strategizing Your Bond Buys and Sells 217

Part IV: The Part of Tens 235

Chapter 12: The Ten Most Common Misconceptions about Bonds 237

Chapter 13: Ten Mistakes That Most Bond Investors Make 243

Chapter 14: Ten Q & A’s with Bond Guru Dan Fuss 249

Index 253