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Investment Legends: The Wisdom that Leads to Wealth


With over half a century of experience to draw upon, no other journalist cam boast the range and depth of analysis of financial markets. As the elder statesman of Australian financial journalism, Barrie brings to his interviews a depth of understanding that allows him to probe the thinking of some of the best financial minds in a manner that puts his subjects at ease and that delivers rare insights.—Richard Gilbert, CEO, Investment and Financial Services Association

Barrie Dunstan brings both great experience and insight to his writings on the investment industry. Over the years he has sat down with some of the true legends of the investment world and this book offers a unique insight into how some of the best minds in the world approach investing.—Jeremy Duffield, Managing Director, Vanguard Asia-Pacific

Dunstan has produced a book that is as insightful as it is readable. His dissection of these investment veterans’ different ways of thinking is testament to his journalistic prowess…--David Marvin, Chairman, Marvin & Palmer

Part-business strategy and part-biography, Investment Legends provides a rare insight into the world’s mist influential and successful investor. In this collection of candid, perceptive and engaging profiles, respected financial journalist Barrie Dunstan reveals the people behind the legends and the personal qualities that have seen them dominate the world of investment. Discover what shaped these pioneers during their lives and their education, what brought them into the industry, the people who influenced them during their career and who among their peers they admire.

Barrie Dunstan is one of Australia’s most experienced and widely read investment writers, with 52 years of stock market involvement underpinning his craft. He has worked at The Age and The Herald, and since 1987 has been writing for The Australian Financial Review, where he is currently an associate editor.


1. The Chronicler and Historian (Peter Bernstein)

2. The Literary Investor (Barton Biggs).

3. Staying the Course (John C. Bogle).

4. Calm and Balance (Anthony Bolton).

5. The Corporate Raider (Sir Ron Brierley).

6. Analytical Perspicacity (Gary Brinson).

7. The Prodigies (Warren Buffet and Charles Munger).

8. The Optimist (Abby Joseph Cohen).

9. The Teacher (Ray Dalio).

10. The Contrarian (Marc Faber).

11. The Admired Manager (David Fisher).

12. The Articulate Pessimist (Jeremy Grantham).

13. The card Counter (Bill Gross).

14. The Nicest Guy in the Business (Martin Leibowitz).

15. The Early Adopter (Lewis Sanders).