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Just a Trade a Day: Simple Ways to Profit from Predictable Market Moves


Ever think how simple life would be if you knew how to find one big winning trade every day? Now, Michael Jardine introduces a way to turn that dream into a reality. From the author of New Frontiers in Fibonacci Trading comes groundbreaking new trading methods presented in this brand new book, Just a Trade a Day.

Jardine has used his extensive background in Fibonacci theory to build an easy-to-use trading system. By combining his own Jardine Range and what he has dubbed the “Universal Chart,” he is able to find that one trade a day that all traders are looking for--and with this book, he will show you how to do the same. His trading system can be used in any market and in any time frame; applied right out of the box, or to complement your current trading methodology.

With the knowledge and guidance of a Fibonacci guru and trading expert, you will learn to:

  • Generate ideal trades daily through consistency and objectivity
  • Determine how today’s market will best produce with your trading style by applying the Market Profile™ and Points of Control
  • Utilize the Jardine Range to indicate key trend reversals and trade them for profit
  • Use Fibonnaci techniques to optimize your exits and maximize returns
  • Observe how the Universal System works in practice and how you can leverage it to your benefit
  • And more!

What’s more, Jardine will prove his success by handing you real-life examples from his very own experiences building this system. Included is a 500-day trading summary that shows just how profitable this time-tested system is. By using the building blocks from this book, you can sit back, relax, and maximize your profits with just a trade a day.

MICHAEL JARDINE has been trading, teaching about trading, and blogging about trading on his web site,, for over twelve years. His second book (and first one about the electronic market), New Frontiers in Fibonacci Trading, was published in 1996. A student of the ‘markets’ in the truest sense, Jardine has held international management positions at a number of marketing- oriented companies including Chanel, Walt Disney, and Patagonia. He has four children and currently resides
on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Michael practices what he teaches: after completing his daily trade, he designs productivity software with his partner at

Introduction v

Chapter 1 In a Nutshell 1

What I'm Going to Tell You 1

The Market Profile 2

The Point of Control 3

The Virgin Point of Control 3

The Jardine Range 4

The Universal Chart 4

What I Told You 5

Part 1 The Basics of Market Profiling 7

Chapter 2 The Market Profile 9

Measuring the Market Profile with a Price Histogram Chart 10

Lines in the Sand 13

Conjecture Lines 15

Fibonacci as a conjecture Line 16

The Best Line in the Sand 18

Profiles of the Profiles 20

Chapter 3 The Virgin Point of Control 29

Those Lines in the Sand 29

Strength in Numbers 31

POC as a Price Attractor 33

VPC as an Even Stronger Price Attractor 33

Market Memory is Only So Long 37

Chapter 4 The Jardine Range 43

What Goes Up 44

Natural and Potential 45

Back to Newton 47

Objectivity is Your Friend, Subjectivity Your Enemy 47

Part 2 The Universal System 51

Chapter 5 Getting In: The Oscillator 53

Those Squiggly Lines 53

The Great Oscillator Debate 56

The Stochastic 56

The Great Settings Debate 57

So What's the Use? 58

Using Multiple Time Frames 59

My Settings-the Holy Grail (Not) 59

Objective Requirements to Generate the "Buy" and "Sell" Signals 62

Executing a Buy or Sell Signal 64

Chapter 6 Getting Out: Average Range 69

Quick Review of Our Goal 69

Catching the First Wave 71

What Next? 73

Profit Protection 73

Do the Research 77

Optimizing Your Target 77

Chapter 7 Jardine Range and the Universal Chart 83

About Those Profiles 83

Chart 1 Jardine Range 85

Chart 2 The "Uni" 86

Blogging the Trades 92

Part 3 Putting Theory to Practice 99

Chapter 8 Trade Types 101

Type 1 Standard Keltner Exit 101

Type 2 Keltner Exit with Fibonacci Extension 102

Type 3 Counter Market 107

Missed Trades 108

Chapter 9 The Hard Part 111

Those Pesky Stops 111

Price-Based Stops 112

Market-Based Stops 113

Natural Stops 113

Lesson: Worst Case Scenario 114

A Word about Cash Management 118

Preparing to Lose-and to Win 119

Chapter 10 Back to Fibonacci: Jardine Trimesters 121

Trading Resource Guide 127

Appendix A Building Blocks 129

Market Structure Low (MSL) 130

Market Structure High (MSH) 133

Reversal Patterns 134

Appendix B Fibonacci review 137

Leonardo and His Rabbits 138

The Golden Mean 139

More on the Mean 140

Using Fibonacci to Forecast Waves 143

Appendix C 500-Day Trade Summary 147

Glossary 151

Recommended Reading 157