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Personal Finance Workbook For Dummies, 2nd Edition


Hands-on tools and strategies to boost your financial fitness

Do the terms personal finance or money management dredge up feelings of confusion or fear? If so, you're not alone. This workbook helps you take charge of your personal finances and improve your financial situation. Crammed with the tools and strategies you need to make smarter decisions about your finances, it empowers you to save money, simplify your life, and achieve your most important financial goals.

Discover how to

  • Take stock of your financial situation
  • Manage your financial life with worksheets and checklists
  • Boost your credit score and use credit to your advantage
  • Save for retirement, your child's education, and big-ticket purchases
  • Choose investments that are appropriate for your goals
  • Make wise financial decisions

  • Analyze your assets and plan for retirement

  • Plan for big purchases with savings strategies that work

Sheryl Garrett is a Certified Financial Planner professional and founder of The Garrett Planning Network, Inc.
Introduction 1

Part I: Getting on the Road to Financial Fitness 5

Chapter 1: Exploring Money in Your Life 7

Chapter 2: Getting Your Financial House in Order 21

Chapter 3: Analyzing Your Cash Flow 35

Chapter 4: Turning Your Dreams into Realities 51

Part II: Getting the Most Out of Your Money 69

Chapter 5: Using Credit Wisely 71

Chapter 6: Spending Thoughtfully 83

Chapter 7: Involving Your Family in Personal Finance 97

Chapter 8: Minimizing Taxes 107

Part III: Thinking about the Future 115

Chapter 9: Planning for Big-Ticket Purchases 117

Chapter 10: Saving for Retirement 137

Chapter 11: Funding Your Kids' College Education 151

Chapter 12: Thinking about When You're Gone: Estate Planning 165

Part IV: Building and Managing Wealth 175

Chapter 13: Evaluating Your Current Portfolio 177

Chapter 14: Maximizing Investment Strategies 187

Chapter 15: Finding and Hiring the Right Advisor (If You Need One) 199

Part V: Protecting Your Assets 209

Chapter 16: Managing Risk with Insurance 211

Chapter 17: Exploring Your Health Insurance Options 219

Chapter 18: Figuring Out What Life Insurance You Need 233

Chapter 19: Insuring Your Property 241

Chapter 20: Protecting Your Privacy 253

Part VI: The Part of Tens 261

Chapter 21: Ten Easy Ways to Boost Your Savings 263

Chapter 22: Ten Tips on Getting Organized 267

Chapter 23: Ten Scams to Avoid 271

Chapter 24: Ten or So Types of Insurance You Don't Need to Buy 277

Index 281