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Power Up Your Profits: 31 Days to Better Selling, 2nd Edition


The world of accounting is changing at record speed. With accountants today selling everything from insurance to technology, we really have to be ahead of the curve just to survive. With Troy Waugh's help, our practice has grown by double digits the past seven years in a row. His experience as an accountant and a marketer has really helped our firm adapt to this dynamic environment. His book is a must for anyone in the industry.
—Jimmy C. Averitt
BDO Seidman, LLP

"If you are serious about making rain for your firm, this is must-read material . . . very enjoyable, powerful, and to the point. It can definitely help any practitioner or consultant develop more business."
—Allan D. Koltin
President and CEO
PDI Global, Inc.

"Troy Waugh is a true professional. While working with Wolf & Company, he consistently demonstrated depth of knowledge, understanding of our problems, and most importantly, the ability to guide us in developing practical solutions to marketing and selling obstacles."
—Donald J. Figura
Managing Partner
Wolf & Company LLP

"This is an essential text for accountants committed to growing their practices. Regardless of your level of experience, it delivers practical, down-to-earth advice."
—Christian Frederiksen, CPA

"Waugh challenges accountants to become better communicators and thereby become more valuable to their clients. His book is a focused collection of practical, useful, and profitable ideas."
—Gerald MarsdenManaging Partner Eisner & Lubin, LLP

Troy Waugh, CPA, is author of numerous articles published in Accounting Today, the Practical Accountant, and many newsletters. One of the most sought-after speakers on sales and marketing professional services in the country, he is a leading marketing and sales consultant to the accounting industry. Waugh's experienced team of consultants has helped firms add more than $500 million in new business through its consulting, training, and alliance services. Waugh is the founder of The Rainmaker Academy, the leading sales and marketing training course in the United States and Western Europe. Its graduates have attracted more than $300 million to their firms as a result of this program.


Part One: Better Selling Starts with You.

Day 1: A Nontraditional Attitude.

Day 2: Selling Is a Learned Skill.

Day 3: Start a Consistent Marketing Program.

Day 4: Mind Share _ Market Share.

Day 5: Selling Takes Time.

Part Two: Target Better Clients.

Day 6: Leads, Leads, Leads.

Day 7: Focus on “10s”.

Day 8: Marketing with Permission.

Day 9: Referrals Are Nuclear Power.

Day 10: Get Your Net Working.

Day 11: Managing Your Network.

Day 12: Co-opetition: Partnering for Better Business.

Part Three: Better Selling Helps Your Clients.

Day 13: Opportunity in the New Rules.

Day 14: Marketing and Sales Work Together.

Day 15: Selling Services Is Different.

Day 16: It’s All About Communication.

Day 17: Power Sellers in the Accounting Industry.

Part Four: Power Tools for Better Selling.

Day 18: Newsletters Communicate to Sell.

Day 19: Speaking Attracts More Clients and Referrals.

Day 20: Advertising, Publicity, and Brochures.

Day 21: Online Marketing and Technology Consulting.

Day 22: Working with the Professionals.

Part Five: All Selling Is Personal Selling.

Day 23: Listening for Dollars, Talking for Dimes.

Day 24: Advancing Commitment.

Day 25: Focus: Building a Power Niche.

Day 26: Selling Value, Not Discounts.

Day 27: Your Differences Will Handle Objections.

Day 28: Pricing to Maximize Value.

Part Six: Extend Your Profits.

Day 29: Keeping Clients Sold: Service after the Sale.

Day 30: Clients Come Second: Five-Star Service.

Day 31: Invest First, Then Reap Powerful Profits.