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Presentations Plus: David Peoples' Proven Techniques, Revised 2nd Edition


From the reviews of Presentations Plus

"If you want some distilled wisdom on how to improve, read this book. The author shows how to develop and deliver an effective and exciting presentation, based on his own success on the battlefield of business. His methods are simple, practical, and proven; his approach is effective. Read the book and find out for yourself."
Business Executive

"Who knows, reading [Presentations Plus] and applying its advice might just make you too valuable to keep in your present job at your present pay."
Memphis Business Journal

"Crammed with pithy advice and tips"entertaining, readable…All very convincing, as it should be from someone of David Peoples’ experience".
British Business

"[David Peoples] dresses bare-bones theory with lively examples taken from his own experiences."
Small Business Magazine

"Probably the best book on making oral presentations yet published."
Management Accounting

Now, the best selling presentations how-to book ever written is better than ever! Containing a wealth of new material, this Second Edition includes all new chapters on team presentations, presentations as a marketing tool, hi-tech vs. low-tech visuals, and a "follow the bouncing ball" presentation planning guide. There are also more illustrations and checklists than in the first edition.

Whether you’re pitching your services to a new account, presenting a formal report to top management, speaking before your professional association or even your town council, Presentations Plus, Second Edition is packed with all the strategies, guidelines, and principles you’ll ever need to present, persuade, and win.

DAVID A. PEOPLES is an internationally celebrated speaker, presenter, and sales trainer for major corporations and professional associations. He was IBM's first consulting instructor, where, over the past 30 years, he has trained more than 8,000 IBM salespeople. Dave's other clients include General Electric, Alliance Capital, Genuine Parts, Merrill Lynch, Siemens. The American Institute of CPAs, and the American Red Cross.
1. Presenting, Persuading, and Winning
(Money, fame, and glory).

2. The Seven Deadly Sins
(Guaranteed ways to give a dull, dry, and boring presentation).

3. Hot Drugs for Sweaty Palms
(Getting butterflies to fly in formation).

4. Design the Close First
(The most important part of the presentation).

5. It's Showtime—The Opening
(The critical 120 seconds).

6. Getting Attention and Keeping Interest
(How to keep them off the beach).

7. High Tech vs. Low Tech
(When to use what to accomplish the most).

8. The Presenter's Secret Weapon
(The question).

9. How to Handle Troublemakers
(Out of every 100 people there's at least one).

10. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse, Then Cheat
(A sure cure for going blank).

11. Bad Habits and Distractions
(You're are always the last to know).

12. DOs and DON'Ts of Team Presentations
(The very few vs. the thundering heard).

13. Getting Them Back from the Break
(Accomplishing the impossible).

14. Time Control
(How to finish five minutes early).

15. 60 Tips in 60 Minutes
(For those in a hurry).

16. Presentation Planning Guide
(Guarentees a winning presentation every time).

17. Getting Good, Getting Better—The Critique
(Perfect practice makes perfect).

18. Your Road to Glory
(A personal message).