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Public Sector Economics, 4th Edition


Since it was first published in 1978 Public Sector Economics has become the most widely adopted undergraduate textbook in its field. In that time public sector economics has continued to grow rapidly in theoretical and empirical work; government expenditure has been reformed and new taxes have been introduced. There has also been a significant ideological shift against the public sector in most industrial economies.

To accommodate these changes the authors have made major revisions to this fourth edition while preserving the central objective of the book which is to explain the relevant principles and the relationships between public expenditure, taxation and the behavior of economic agents such as individuals, households and firms.

On the public expenditure side the analysis has been extended to incorporate a game theoretic approach in public sector existence; a fuller treatment of the foundations of cost benefit analysis and up-to-date data on public expenditure both at the level of central and local government. On the tax side the theoretical treatment of taxes has been extended to include compensated supply and demand curves and more emphasis has been put on the excess burden of taxes. To accommodate them with the extra material, there are now two chapters on the partial equilibrium analysis of taxes. There is a new chapter on consumption/savings choice and the chapter on the taxation of goods and services has been revised to include a discussion of indirect tax harmonization in the EEC. Throughout, reference is made to new empirical work.

C.V. Brown is Professor of Economics at the University of Stirling. He is author of The Nigerian Banking System (1966), Taxation and the Incentive to Work (2nd ed 19830 and Unemployment and Inflation (1984), and editor of Economic Principles Appied (1970) and Taxation and Labour Supply (1981).

P. M. Jackson is Professor of Economics and Director of the Public Sector Economics Research Centre at the University of Leicester. He is author of The Political Economy of Bureaucracy (1982) and Implementing Governemnt Policy Initiatives: The Thatcher Administration 1979-1983 (1981) and with S. T. Cook, Current Issues in Fiscal Policy. He edits the annual Public Domain which is published by the Public Finance Foundation.

1. Introduction to the Scope of Public Sector Economics.

2. The Economic Rationale of the Modern State.

3. The Economic Analysis of Public Goods.

4. Collective Choice.

5. Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Public Expenditure Growth.

6. Public Expenditure and Taxation in the UK.

7. Budgets, Bureaucrats and Efficiency.

8. Project Appraisal.

9. Fiscal Decentralization.

10. Taxation: An Introduction.

11. Partial Equilibrium Analysis of Taxation I: Taxes on Single Industries.

12. Partial Equilibrium Analysis of Taxation II: Modelling the Effects of Tax Policy.

13. General Equilibrium Analysis of Taxation.

14. Optimal Income Taxation.

15. Distribution of Income in the UK.

16. Income Taxation.

17. Income Taxation and the Work/Leisure Choice.

18. Measures to Reduce Poverty.

19. Taxation and the Consumption/Savings Choice.

20. Taxation of Goods and Services.

21. Taxation of Corporations.

22. Taxation of Wealth.