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Reading the Financial Pages For Dummies


The financial pages provide an intriguing snapshot of the City, charting the movement of everything from stocks and shares to bonds and commodities. This jargon-free guide shows you how to interpret the information and track the day-to-day performance of the markets. Whether you want to monitor potential investment opportunities or simply make the best financial choices, this book will help you get informed and stay on top.

Michael Wilson is a widely-respected investment journalist and author with more than 25 years' experience in the field of personal finance and professional financial services. He has written widely on numerous business and investment topics and has worked for professional clients including Nasdaq Europe and Goldman Sachs.


Part I: The Financial Pages.

Chapter 1: Introducing the Financial Pages.

Chapter 2: Looking at How the Financial Pages Work.

Chapter 3: Relating the Financial Pages to the Stock Market.

Chapter 4: Using the Pages to Your Advantage.

Part II: Using The Financial Pages to Make Basic Investments.

Chapter 5: Investing in Shares.

Chapter 6: Investing in Bonds.

Chapter 7: Investing in Cash Investments.

Part III: Delving Deeper into the Financial Pages.

Chapter 8: Sharpening Your Understanding.

Chapter 9: Watching Out for the Pitfalls.

Chapter 10: Monitoring the Market’s Psychology Using Charts.

Part IV: Using the Pages for More Advanced Investments.

Chapter 11: Going International.

Chapter 12: Delving into Derivatives.

Chapter 13: Making Money from Commodities.

Chapter 14: Investing in Funds and Trusts.

Chapter 15: Discovering Hedge Funds, Bonds, and ETFs.

Part V: Other Places to Go for Financial Information.

Chapter 16: Using the Alternatives.

Chapter 17: Understanding Company Accounts.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Things to Know About a Share.

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Make Your Asset Allocation Fit.

Chapter 20: Ten Warning Signs that a Company May Be on the Ropes.

Chapter 21: Ten Red-Hot Clues to an Opportunity.

Appendix: Glossary.