Steidlmayer on Markets: Trading with Market Profile, 2nd Edition



Trading with Market Profile

second edition

"Anyone serious about market profile should read Steidlmayer on Markets, Second Edition. Pete and Steve have done their most advanced work yet to create an objective perspective from which to manage risk."
—John Helmers Senior Portfolio Manager, Tudor Investment Corp.

"I recall Pete Steidlmayer's pioneering work with the futures markets in the 1980s, in particular his discovery of 'the natural organization of the market' in accordance with the price/time relationship: Price + Time = Value. In this important new work, Pete takes us on a journey from his childhood discovery of the key concepts of order and personal control, to his early days developing Market Profile at the CBOT, to his up-to-the-minute ideas on trading, technology, and the future. And as a stock trader I found the concrete examples of Market Profile applications to individual stocks to be particularly gratifying."
—Bernie Schaeffer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Schaeffer's Investment Research, Inc.

"Steidlmayer and Hawkins capitalize on past successes while taking a useful tool one step further, and have filled a tall order. In the crowded arena of books on trading, they offer insight and unique trading tools the professional trader can incorporate into their trading program. This book offers insightful technical tools that add real value."
—Matthew Chamberlin Senior Trader, SAC Capital Management, LLC

"I have been using Market Profile extensively for fifteen years. Pete and Steve are visionaries in their field. Timeless organization of market data allows Market Profile to be applicable to all markets in any type of trading environment. With this blueprint, trading becomes more objective and consistently successful results can be obtained. Steidlmayer on Markets is a must-read for any trader looking to achieve long-term success."
—William Griffo Director, UBS Warburg

J. PETER STEIDLMAYER joined the Chicago Board of Trade in 1963, and has been an independent trader ever since. Mr. Steidlmayer served on the Board of Directors for the Board of Trade from 1981 to 1983. While a director, he was responsible for initiating Market Profile and the Liquidity Data Bank, which were revolutionary concepts in data arrangement and trading information. He has communicated his highly successful trading ideas to traders all over the world through his books and courses. He has dedicated the last ten years to developing software to improve the performance of traders and refining his market theory.

STEVEN B. HAWKINS has been involved in the markets throughout his professional career. He has acted as an institutional broker and analyst to some of the largest investment banks and trading houses in the world. His trading experience entails proprietary trading in stocks and commodities. Over the past ten years, Mr. Hawkins has instructed traders in the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong. He has also collaborated on the writing of trading books and has written articles for industry trade publications. Hawkins graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in economics.


Chapter 1. Early Lessons.

Chapter 2. College Years.

Chapter 3. Chicago.

Chapter 4. Changing Markets.

Chapter 5. The Information Revolution.


Chapter 6. Understanding Market Profile.

Chapter 7. Liquidity Data Bank: On Floor Information, and Volume @ Time.

Chapter 8. The Steidlmayer Theory of Markets.

Chapter 9. The Steidlmayer Distribution.

Chapter 10. The You.

Chapter 11. Anatomy of a Trade.

Chapter 12. Profile of the Successful Trader.

Chapter 13. Trading, Technology, and the Future.