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Stock Detective Investor: Finding Market Gems Online



"A lively introduction to the latest investment scams, from phony research outfits to pump-and-dumps."-Worth

"One vigilante site worth checking out is It flags the most egregious stock promotions currently swirling around the Internet and attempts to educate investors about the fraudsters."-Forbes

"The site is a valuable online tutorial in how to avoid online fraud. It is designed to make it easy for investors to key up suspect companies, learn how to protect themselves from shady characters, and take action if they believe they have been taken."

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KEVIN LICHTMAN founded and in 1997 after working in the financial services industry for sixteen years. is the parent company of eighteen different free Web sites.
LYNN N. DUKE is a national award-winning journalist who worked for newspapers including the New York Times regional newspaper group for thirteen years before joining

Déjà Vu-A History of Stock Scams.

Be Your Own Stock Detective.

The SEC and You.

Who Are You Up Against?


Knowledge Is Power.

Too Little, Too Late.

Appendix A: Securities Regulators: North America.

Appendix B: SEC Filings.

Appendix C: SEC Regional Offices.

Appendix D: Nasdaq Listing Requirements.

Appendix E: Web Site Reviews.