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Strategies for Profiting on Every Trade: Simple Lessons for Mastering the Market


This book is a must-read for anyone seriously interested in making profitable trades. Oliver is a staple in the investment education field. His expertise in the market along with his uncanny ability to impart his knowledge to the willing mind sets him apart as a truly effective instructor--Conal Thompson, CEO, Equis International, Makers of MetaStock Software

Strategies for Profiting on Every Trade is an engaging, insightful book of lessons from the master traders of From the most effective use of multiple time frames to finding intraday reversals to building a trading plan that optimizes your success, it is all here. Written for the new trader and the skilled professionals, this book offers the edge towards becoming a more profitable trader. In these pages you will gain access to valuable, timely information, advance trading techniques, and powerful trading tools. Strategies is jam packed with information only a trading seminar costing hundreds of dollars could provide. Put the hard-knock experience and the wisdom these master traders have spent years collecting at your fingertips and be confident you are getting the most out of every trade.

This must-have reference is divided into seven critical lessons intended to further your education as a trader and help you reach your highest levels of profitability. Whether the trading trend is crystal clear or nearly impossible to see, it is tools (like this insight rich guide) that traders use that make the difference between success and failure. In these lessons we share the Pristine trading philosophy, technical analysis and advice, and emphasize the tools each successful trader needs to be a winner, including:

  • Proven advice that will help traders at all levels increase their gains--from getting started to reviewing the fundamentals
  • The power of an effective watchlist--how to create and how to pinpoint the right stocks to include
  • Key money management techniques to guarantee the optimal risk reward ratio
  • Real trading tactics--chart patterns, set ups--to use immediately
  • Mastering trading psychology--how to protect yourself from profit stealing emotions and how to exploit the greed and fear of others in the market

Oliver L. Velez, co-founder of Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc., parent company of, served as its chairman and CEO for 12 years. Over 19 years ago, Mr. Velez took the trading industry by storm when he introduced a unique and dynamic style of market play to the equity markets, dubbing it “Swing Trading.” Today, thanks to Mr. Velez’s international speaking tours and his award-winning trading methods, this trading approach has become one of the world’s most popular forms of trading.With more than 60,000 clients that span over 40 countries, Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc. has become the premier educational resource for investors, active self-directed traders, and institutions. Mr. Velez is the author of Swing Trading with Oliver L. Velez published by Marketplace Books, the co-author of the best selling book, Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader, published by McGraw-Hill, and the author of the Oliver L. Velez DVD Seminar Series, the trading industry’s all-time best selling DVD series.

Paul Lange is a Senior Pristine Certified Trainer, Certified Pristine Mentor, Head Moderator of the Pristine Method Trading Room, member of the Pristine Research Team, and a Trader Coach.

Introduction 11

Getting Started 11

Lessons on Getting Ready 21

Developing a Watch List 21

The Watch List Concept 25

Time Frames 26

Your Progress as a Trader 28

Lessons on Some Basics 33

What Market Is That Again? 33

Looking at the Big Picture 37

A Guide to Protective Stop Losses 41

Trading the First Half Hour 44

Fundamental vs. Technical 46

News You Can Use 49

News and Your Trading 53

Are You Still Investing? 56

Reversal Times 58

The All Important 200 Period Moving Average 60

Moving Averages, the Power of the 20 MA 67

A Return to Some Basics 71

Lessons on Managing 73

Managing a Trade 73

Dealing with Disaster 75

Alternate Swing Entries 77

The Reward to Risk Ratio 81

Do You Find Yourself Target Challenged? 87

The Anatomy of an Entry 89

Lessons on Psychology in Trading and Planning 94

The Psychology of Fear 94

The Trading Plan - The Key to Your Success 96

Discipline 99

Some of Your Best Qualities 100

The Need to Be Right 102

The Ways Traders Learn 104

Using Public Fear as a Trading Tool 106

Analysis of a Losing Trade 110

Technical Lessons 115

Some Common Mistakes 115

Was That a Double Top? 118

Support and Resistance 123

That First Pullback 127

Recognizing a Trend Day 129

The Perspective of Multiple Time Frames 133

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom 137

Daily Pivot Points 141

Fighting the Trend 144

How a Trend Ends 147

The Intraday Trend 150

Finding an Intraday Reversal 152

A Change in Trend, Part 1 155

A Change in Trend, Part 2 157

Trading Gaps, Part 1 159

Trading Gaps, Part 2 162

Chart Lessons on the Market 165

The NASDAQ in Review 165

A Look at the Market 170

The NASDAQ Update, Part 1 172

The NASDAQ Update, Part 2 175

The Volatility Index as a Guide 178

Caution in the Market 181

Lessons on Classic Patterns 184

Using Relative Strength as One of Your Tools 184

Relative Strength at Reversal Time 187

Failed Breakdown at Reversal Time 190

A Strategy against the Trend 193

Playing a Climactic Reversal 196

The Lunch Time Fade 198

The Power of a Mortgage Play 201

Finding Unique Plays 204

Quality Breeds Nicknames 207

When It All Comes Together 210

Conclusion 215

Appendix 219

Analyzing Pristine Buy Set-ups 219

Glossary 225

Index 229