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Surviving the Bond Bear Market: Bondland's Nuclear Winter



"A confluence of events are converging to produce a rise in bond yields and a decline in bond prices. Authors Cohen and Malburg call the emerging bear market in bonds . . . 'Bondland's Nuclear Winter.' I call shorting bonds . . . 'The Trade of the Decade.' But whatever it is called, this book articulates the root cause of the developing crisis by taking you through a journey of strong analysis, great anecdotes, and visual stories."—Doug Kass, founder and President, Seabreeze Partners Management

"Baby Boomers beware—the thirty-year bond bull market is finished. Marilyn Cohen describes the bond market's coming nuclear winter and what investors must do to protect themselves. This book comes with an automated workbook to help you manage your bond investments like the pros. Learn to build a bond market bomb shelter and pick the green shoots when it is safe to come out again. Cohen prepares you for the worst, even as she hopes for the best."—Jane Bryant Quinn, author of Making the Most of Your Money Now

Marilyn Cohen is one of the top bond managers in the United States. Her thirty-two-year career in finance has included securities analysis, bond brokerage, and, for the last sixteen years, founder and CEO of Envision Capital Management, a Los Angeles–based money management firm specializing in managing bond portfolios for individual investors. She writes the popular bond column for Forbes magazine and is the coauthor of Bonds Now!

As founder and managing editor of Writers Resource Group, Inc., Chris Malburg is an accomplished financial writer with over four million words in print spread among eleven popular books. Chris is a CPA, has an MBA, and is a former investment banker.



Chapter 1: Warning Signs.

Chapter 2: Manifestations of Nuclear Winter.

Chapter 3: Building Your Bond Fallout Shelter: Investment Vehicles That Work in a Bond Bear Market.

Chapter 4: Deflation: A Possible Crack in the Fallout Shelter.

Chapter 5: Bond Funds: Sell Today and Walk Away: When the Boat Is Sinking Faster Than You Can Bail.

Chapter 6: Financial Triage Center.

Chapter 7: Rebalancing into the Nuclear Winter.

Chapter 8: Muni Bond Credit Famine.

Chapter 9: Investment Deficit Disorder.

Chapter 10: Recognizing the Bond Market Green Shoots.

Chapter 11: Rebalancing into Bond Market Prosperity.

Chapter 12: The New Bond World Order.

Appendix: Automated E-Workbook Instructions.

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