The Complete Guide to Convertible Securities Worldwide


Begins with an analysis of a typical U.S. dollar denominated Euroconvertible. Goes on to discuss international convertible securities and such related topics as currency fluctuation and foreign currency exposure. The characteristics of domestic markets in U.S., Britain, Japan, France, Australia, and Canada and their unique features and evaluation methods are examined. Finally, it looks at convertible hedging, breakeven analysis, risk profile, and rate of return.

Convertible Securities.

The Equity Component.

Options and Warrants.

The Debt Component.


Convertible Yield Advantage.

Premium Over Conversion Value.

Premium Over Investment Value.

Valuation Methods for Convertible Securities.

Alternatives to Traditional Convertible Bonds.

International Convertible Securities.

Foreign Currency Management and Exposure.

Convertible Security Evaluation.

Convertible Security Investment Opportunities.

Convertible Hedge.

Convertible Bond Indenture.

Domestic Convertible Markets.