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The Cyber Risk Handbook: Creating and Measuring Effective Cybersecurity Capabilities


The Cyber Risk Handbook is the first authoritative reference on cyber risk management that takes the practitioner perspective on countering cyber threats in real world situations. The solutions provided are a multi-faceted set of organization capabilities for organization-improvement that may be benchmarked by a tailored cyber risk maturity model.

The Handbook moves quickly from the evolution of risk maturity and its benefits to implementing the range of capabilities represented in a robust cyber risk management system by discussing how to create, implement, and improve counter-cyber capabilities from the practitioner perspective. The book highlights:

  • The evolution of counter-cyber and its business case benefits
  • How to design improved practical capabilities and benchmark them using a tailored cyber-risk maturity model.
  • Viewpoints of many subject matter expert practitioners
  • A variety of planning and implementation approaches, models, methodologies, and reference standards and codes
  • A new cyber risk maturity model contributed by the preceding chapter contributions