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The Flexible Investing Playbook: Asset Allocation Strategies for Long-Term Success



The market has changed. Have you?

This isn't your grandfather's market. It isn't your father's market. It isn't even your market, at least not the one you remember prior to the global financial crisis. And none of those markets is likely to return anytime soon, if ever. Still, if you're willing to change, a new market is simply a new opportunity. However, you can't capitalize on the opportunities of a new market if you're basing your investment decisions on either misleading investment advice or outdated asset allocation strategies from markets long gone by.

The Flexible Investing Playbook helps you reeducate yourself for investing in the post-market meltdown economy. Robert Isbitts details what was learned in the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression, describes what's changed since 2008, and shows you how true diversification requires looking beyond traditional stocks and bonds.

Markets change. Secure your financial future even through these turbulent times—and those to come—by changing with them.

ROBERT A. ISBITTS is a Chief Investment Officer whose accomplishments and insights have been recognized at the national level. He started his career in 1986 and cofounded the South Florida investment firm Emerald Asset Advisors in 1998. He oversees investment strategy, the research process, and makes investment decisions for his firm's managed assets. He is also the editor of the GreenThought$ newsletter, and an asset allocation mutual fund manager.

Introduction: Replacing Your Old Investment Playbook.

Part I Setting the Stage to Be Reeducated.

Chapter 1 Tired...but Not Retired.

Chapter 2: 2008: What the Hell Happened?!

Chapter 3 What Have We Learned?

Part II Getting Old Ideas Out of Your Head.

Chapter 4 Identifying the Issues and the Enemy.

Chapter 5 Wall Street's Bull.

Part III Investing the Twenty-First Century Century.

Chapter 6 Keys to Successful Asset Allocation.

Chapter 7 Hybrid Investing.

Chapter 8 Concentrated Equity Investing.

Chapter 9: Global Cycle Investing.

Part IV You've Come This Far, Now Score! (Putting the Strategy to Work).

Chapter 10 Evaluating Your Performance—the Right Way.

Chapter 11 Putting It All Together.

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