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The Investment Banking Handbook


This edited volume offers thorough coverage of the business of investment banking, including much inside information based on the extensive professional experience of the contributors. Comprising 32 chapters, covering every facet of investment banking, from its historical origins in the U.S. to the current high-dollar activity in mergers and acquisitions. Contributors are noted businessmen and academics from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Japan. Chapters fall into eight sections: investment banking today, raising capital, transactional activities, specialized financial instruments, tax-exempt financing, broker activities, commercial banks and investment banking, and investment banking outside the United States. Raising capital is traditionally what investment banking is all about, and the Handbook explains who does it and how it's done.

Investment Banking Competition: An Historical Sketch (S. Hayes, et al.).

Global Market Integration (F. Fisher).

Bank ``Uniqueness'' and the Securities Activities of Commercial Banks (A. Saunders).

Investment Banking: Commercial Banks' Inroads (S. Hayes).

Investment Banking at Bankers Trust Company (D. Dougherty).

Investment Banking at Chase Manhattan (H. Platzman).

Attracting Corporate Clients (C. Ellis).

Evaluating the Advice of Investment Bankers (J. Stern).

Private Placements (C. Wolf).

Initial Public Offerings (D. Logue).

Financing High Technology, Emerging Growth Companies (A. Towbin & J. Williamson).

Innovative Instruments and Transactions (T. Arnold).

Commercial Paper (S. Kirmse).

The Tax-Exempt Securities Market (R. Forbes).

Innovations in Tax-Exempt Finance (R. Forbes).

The Impact of Tax Reform on the Tax-Exempt Securities Market (R. Forbes).

Real Estate Finance (P. Kazilionis).

Investment Bankers in the Mortgage Markets (L. Goodman).

Leveraged Buyouts (W. Law).

Venture Capital Financing (C. Hazen).

Securities Markets and Investment Banking in Japan (T. Kamijo).

The Competitive Setting of Investment Banking in Canada (C. Potter).

Securities Firms in Canada (D. Shaw).

Securities Markets and Investment Banking in the U.K. (T. Rybezynski).

Sales and Trading (J. Freeman).

The Economics of Brokerage (P. Frank).

A New Product for the Brokerage Industry: Call It Anything but Discount Brokerage (E. Johnson).

Perspectives on Clearing (V. Burger).

Investment Management in an Investment Banking Firm (J. Gustafson).

Mergers and Acquisitions (J. Williamson).