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The Man in the Arena: Vanguard Founder John C. Bogle and His Lifelong Battle to Serve Investors First


Praise for The MAN in the ARENA

"A thoroughly impressive tribute to the very best friend the investor has ever had."

—Ben Stein

"A measure of a person's life is this: Did you leave the world a better place? In the case of Jack Bogle, it's a question that is laughably easy to answer. From millions of ordinary investors, you would hear a rousing chorus of feet-stomping, stadium-shaking cheers. And those cheers are richly deserved, as you'll discover when reading about 'The Man in the Arena' and all that he has done for his fellow citizens."

—Jonathan Clements, former personal finance columnist for the Wall Street Journal and author of The Little Book of Main Street Money

"Jack Bogle is one of a small handful of people who made the investing world serve the hopes and dreams of ordinary people. Whatever his subject, he speaks and writes from a strong, moral belief that finance should be simple, honest, and fair."

—Jane Bryant Quinn author of Making the Most of Your Money Now

Knut A. Rostad, editor of The Man in the Arena, is the founder and President of the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard, a nonprofit organization that advances fiduciary principles through research, education, and advocacy.

Foreword by andrew golden xi

Introduction by knut a. rostad xv

Part I: The John C. Bogle Legacy Forum--A Vision for Resorting Trust

Chapter 1: Four Distinguished Panels 13

Chapter 2: A Conversation with Paul Volcker and John C. Bogle 61

Part II: The Vanguard Vision

Chapter 3: Character Counts--The Introduction 84

Chapter 4: A Time to Dance 89

Chapter 5: The Power of an Idea: Reflections on Our 25th Anniversary 91

Chapter 6: On Human Beings--Clients and Crew 100

Chapter 7: “Big Money in Boston” . . . The Commercialization of the “Mutual” fund industry 116

Part III: The Index Fund Vision

Introduction by Joe Mansueto 150

Chapter 8: As the Index Fund Moves from Heresy to Dogma, What More Do We Need to Know? 155

Chapter 9: “The Bogle Issue” of the Journal of Indexes 178

Part IV: The Corporate Governance Vision

Introduction by Nell Minow 212

Chapter 10: The Silence of the Funds: Why Mutual Funds Must Speak Out on the Governance of Our Nation ’s Corporations 216

Chapter 11: What Went Wrong in Corporate America? 247

Part V: The Vision of Service to Society

Chapter 12: Fiduciary Duty--No Man Can Serve Two Masters 274

Chapter 13: Philanthropy--Serving Our Community and Our Nation 301

Part VI: Rewards for the Vision--Letters of Appreciation

Introduction by Allan Roth

Chapter 14: Comments from the Bogleheads 318

Chapter 15: Letters from Vanguard Clients 328

Chapter 16: Letters from Vanguard Crew Members 341

Part VII: Support for the Vision--Forewords to Bogle Books

Introduction by Jeremy Duffield 358

Chapter 17: The Forewords 364

Appendix 395

References 397

Index 401