The Maui Millionaires: Discover the Secrets Behind the World's Most Exclusive Wealth Retreat and Become Financially Free


See what Maui Millionaires themselves say about this amazing wealth building program

"We never dreamed that we'd be able to quit our jobs as Los Angeles police officers and follow our dreams. We still can't believe we now wake up every day living our dream life."
—Kelly and Ruperto Fabros, Maui Millionaires founders of Grassland Investments, LLC

"I went to Maui Mastermind to teach and ended up learning some of the most valuable lessons of my life. My company now has 168 branches and produces loans in excess of $1.3 billion annually."
—Morgan Smith, Maui Millionaire President and founder of Morgan Financial, Inc.

"As we write, our family is on another month-long vacation—a Maui Millionaire vacation! Attending Maui Mastermind empowered us to rethink how we were working and running our business. Once we learned what you now have the opportunity to learn from this book, our business went from the typical work-all-the-time and do-everything-yourself model to a wildly successful passive income model that supports our new Maui Millionaire lifestyle. See you at the beach!"
—Stephen and Susan Wilklow, Maui Millionaires, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I now measure my life in terms of 'before Maui' and 'after Maui.' After I attended my first Maui Mastermind in 2003, I went from small commercial real estate deals to commercial investment projects valued upwards of $10 million. After you read this book, you can measure your life in terms of 'before reading The Maui Millionaires' and 'after reading The Maui Millionaires!' Welcome to your new life."
—Blake Mitchell, Maui Millionaire, investor and syndicated real estate specialist

"Invest in your millionaire future by reading how Maui Millionaires did it. Read it on the beach. Better yet, read it in Maui and get rich."
—Mark Victor Hansen, cocreator of the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul® and coauthor of Cracking the Millionaire Code and The One Minute Millionaire

DAVID FINKEL is one of the nation's most respected wealth masters. A former Olympic-level athlete, he is a self-made multimillionaire and the cocreator of Maui Mastermind, the world's most exclusive wealth retreat. He is also the bestselling author of five financial books, including The Real Estate Fast Track, from Wiley, and his how-to financial articles have appeared in periodicals across the United States.

DIANE KENNEDY, CPA, is a top financial author and investing expert. She is the founder and owner of DKA, a leading tax strategy and accounting firm. A past recipient of the prestigious Blue Chip Enterprise Award, Kennedy is also the author of Loopholes of the Rich and coauthor of The Insider's Guide to Real Estate Investing Loopholes, both from Wiley.

FOREWORD:: How an Ex-Music Teacher Became a Maui Millionaire—And How You Can, Too! (Beverly Sallee).


INTRODUCTION: Meet the Maui Millionaires.

PART ONE:  Maui Wealth Leverage Strategy One: Upgrade Your Wealth Operating System.

CHAPTER 1. How Wealthy Are You?

CHAPTER 2. Your Wealth Operating System.

CHAPTER 3. The Five Steps to Upgrade Your Wealth Operating System.

CHAPTER 4. Step One: Identify Your Current W.O.S.

CHAPTER 5. Step Two: Pinpoint Your Current Limiting Wealth Beliefs.

CHAPTER 6. Step Three: Delete Your Limiting Wealth Beliefs.

CHAPTER 7. Step Four: Install Upgrades to YourW.O.S.

CHAPTER 8. Step Five: Reinforce and Condition in Your New Wealth Operating System.

PART TWO: Maui Wealth Leverage Strategy Two: Dream Big!

CHAPTER 9. The 25 Keys to Dreaming Big.

CHAPTER 10. The Five Essential Ingredients for Making Your Big Dreams Come True.

CHAPTER 11. Playing the Maui Millionaire Big Dream Game.

PART THREE:  Maui Wealth Leverage Strategy Three: Mastermind Your Way to Millions!

CHAPTER 12. You are One Mastermind Group Away from Having Everything You EverWanted.

CHAPTER 13. Six Keys to Minimize Conflict and Maximize Results in Any Mastermind Group.

CHAPTER 14. How to Run a Mastermind Group to Guarantee Breakthrough Results.

CHAPTER 15. The Seven Most Important Wealth Secrets of a Mastermind Group.

PART FOUR: Maui Wealth Leverage Strategy Four: Build Level Three Wealth and Enjoy a Maui Lifestyle!

CHAPTER 16. How to Make Money Without Working.

CHAPTER 17. The Five Wealth Factors.

CHAPTER 18. The Maui Wealth Scorecard—How to Know Your Real Score in the Financial Freedom Game.

PART F I V E: Maui Wealth Leverage Strategy Five: Tap into Maui Giving to Create a Legacy That Lives On Beyond You!

CHAPTER 19. Real Wealth Is What You Give.

CHAPTER 20. Using Leverage to Sustain Giving Beyond Your Lifetime.

PART S I X: The Final Inch.

CHAPTER 21. The Fourth Dimension of Wealth.

CHAPTER 22. A Simple Six-Step Plan to Become a Maui Millionaire.

APPENDIX: The Maui Millionaire Wealth Mentorship Program—Your FREE $2,495 Gift from the Authors.