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The Power of Practice Management: Best Practices for Building a Better Advisory Business, + Website


How do you build a financial advisory business in today’s competitive and often-saturated markets? How can you break through the clutter, and develop strong and lasting client relationships? We believe it can be done by harnessing the power of practice management!

The Power of Practice Management shows you the “how,” “why” and “what” of taking your business to the next level, introducing you to best practices and the thinking behind actions of some of the industry’s top-quartile firms. Authors Matt Matrisian and Natalie Doss lead you on a journey filled with intriguing ideas and bottom-line lessons that teach you how to work on your business, not just in it. Whether you’re the head of a large advisory firm, part of a small practice or just starting out, you will discover a roadmap for turning your good business into a better one.

The authors also address:

  • Making business strategy and planning part of your defined game plan;
  • Transforming your firm’s vision and goals to build your business
  • Capitalizing on referral sources and centers of influence
  • Your personal brand as a product of intuitive thinking
  • And much more.

The Power of Practice Management teaches you how to channel the strength of your business and connect it to your clients’ experiences. The results unlock the secrets to driving customer loyalty, referral revenue, and business prosperity. In the process, you’ll also enhance your personal brand - allowing you the opportunity for business prosperity.




Part 1: Business Strategy and Planning

Chapter 1: A Look at the Landscape

Chapter 2: A View into Top-Performing Firms

Chapter 3: The Emergence of Business-Think

Chapter 4: The Four Essential Disciplines

Chapter 5: Bringing it all Together

Chapter 6: What is Business Strategy and Planning?

Chapter 7: Getting the Vision Thing

Chapter 8: Building a Business Blueprint

Chapter 9: Managing Business Performance

Chapter 10: Benchmarking

Are You Making Progress?

Part 2: Business Development

Chapter 11: The Business Development Landscape

Chapter 12: Target Clients and Niche Markets

Chapter 13: Landing Your Brand

Chapter 14: The Elevator Speech

Chapter 15: A Marketing Plan

Chapter 16: Referrals: An Untapped Opportunity

Chapter 17: The Referral Management Process

Chapter 18: Unlocking Client Feedback

Part 3: Harnessing Human Capital

Chapter 19: The Value of Human Capital

Chapter 20: Holding Hands Through Hiring

Chapter 21: Tapping into Training

Chapter 22: Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews

Chapter 23: Climbing the Ladder

Chapter 24: Creating Compelling Compensation Plans

Part 4: Optimizing Operations

Chapter 25: Operations Optimization

Chapter 26: Client-facing Processes

Chapter 27: Client Modeling System

Chapter 28: The Client Service Model

Chapter 29: The State of the Industry

Chapter 30: External Sales

Chapter 31: Internal Successions