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The Secret to Extraordinary Wealth in the Options Market


A high-energy, inspirational guide to using ''patterns of power'' to rake in 1,000% plus gains with options

Run time: 117 minutes. Dale Wheatley, a.k.a., “The Options Hunter” knows options inside and out. He knows exactly how to keep it simple, find the perfect set-up, and trade it for maximum profit. And now in this exciting 4-disk DVD tutorial he reveals the Moving-Average-Convergence-Divergence (MACD) strategies and the original AIQ techniques with which he has achieved financial independence. Better yet, he shows you how you can too! Following a powerful motivational talk about goal setting and the necessity of maintaining a positive attitude, Dale dives right into a demonstration of his MACD trading strategy. He explains how by combining a unique, disciplined approach to options trading with the power of compounding, he has created a sure-fire system that's profitable and fun to use, while eliminating the need for high-frequency trading.

  •  Packed with current chart examples--with in-depth coverage of chart patterns that are pure gold to trade
  • Clearly explains how the MACD can supply you with high-probability trade entries, and shows how to use multiple time frames to gain an unbeatable edge
  • Introduces the author’s exclusive top-down approach to stock selection using AIQ’s group/sector capabilities